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second time is a charm

Looking at my now totally tubular Teresa (ttt), Husband shook his head saying “You aren’t that fat.” I assured him that I am because my fitting shell fits me perfectly. Turns out that I was wrong, La Muchacha agreed with Husband. She kindly took time out of her regular chores to help me fit my second try at the princess slip. Turns out that I overstuffed ttt, and now she is only Slightly Tubby Teresa. One of the things that I did was restore my pattern to it’s original size except for the FBA. After measuring all the pieces against the princess line sloper pattern, I reduced the center front and center back. I’m not wearing a corset so front side pieces all had their waists enlarged by an inch, pretty much eliminating any curves. Following another participant’s advice to separate the bodice pieces from the rest of the dress first, I cut apart my pattern pieces and did that ...

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Juan y María didn’t cover this stuff.

Answering my phone during painting class, I was confused to hear Husband say “I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I have someone here you should speak to”. My mind raced, a surprise is usually a good thing, so the first thing I thought was “Do we have visitors? Is one of my kids here?” There was silence on the line and an unfamiliar voce asked me in Spanish what I wanted. Really confused now, I replied that I had no idea why I was speaking to him. Turns out that Husband had decided to surprise me and buy a dressmaker’s dummy! Telling him about seeing them for sale,I had mentioned the price being around $2400. My big dilemma was deciding what size I needed. Husband went to the shop and said that he wanted to buy that particular mannequin for me, he knew it was the one because it was the correct price. His Spanish gave out when ...

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Weight loss surgery made easy.

Assuming you’ve been reading along since I started this blog, do you remember back in October of 2007 when I made a body double? She’s been hanging out in the studio wearing various things that I don’t want to throw away but seldom use. If you ever want to really see what you look like to other people, I recommend creating a clone of your body. It’s amazing, making that mannequin was one of the reasons that I decided that I really needed to lose weight. Looking at her today, I realized that I no longer look like that. To confirm my suspicions, I measured her. I have lost seven inches off my bust and hips, eight off my tummy! My waist has shrunk by nine inches. I must have been in denial about how much I weighed or what size I wore. This morning, I took a knife to her and performed weight loss surgery.It was incredibly cathartic. The ...

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