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Inside out but not backwards

Finally finishing my E0336 princess slip, I got really excited and asked Husband to take some photos. As I put the slip back on the mannequin, I noticed that it’s inside out! LOL…here are the shots anyway taken in the dressing room. It was 7pm and that room had the best light. I have a slip on under my slip for modesty’s sake.

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second time is a charm

Looking at my now totally tubular Teresa (ttt), Husband shook his head saying “You aren’t that fat.” I assured him that I am because my fitting shell fits me perfectly. Turns out that I was wrong, La Muchacha agreed with Husband. She kindly took time out of her regular chores to help me fit my second try at the princess slip. Turns out that I overstuffed ttt, and now she is only Slightly Tubby Teresa. One of the things that I did was restore my pattern to it’s original size except for the FBA. After measuring all the pieces against the princess line sloper pattern, I reduced the center front and center back. I’m not wearing a corset so front side pieces all had their waists enlarged by an inch, pretty much eliminating any curves. Following another participant’s advice to separate the bodice pieces from the rest of the dress first, I cut apart my pattern pieces and did that ...

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Not going as well as expected

My VPLL 1912 project isn’t going as well for me as I expected, mostly due to inattention on my part and my printer being cranky. I fully expect to be a much more skilled seamstress when the project is over. I also feel a bit intimidated by the blog posts that I have been reading. That said, here is my report. I used some very inexpensive blush colored cotton broadcloth from my stash. I think I originally bought 10 meters because it as $9.99 a meter (about 99 cents US at the time). So including the lace, I might have spent $80.00 not quite seven dollars. Living in no-pattern land, I have downloaded a few patterns. This time wanting to do everything correctly, I re-read the directions and noticed this phrase, Check to make sure that your print preferences for page scaling are set to none. If they are set to “fit to page” or anything other than none – ...

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