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What I did on my summer vacation 2011

 Having always wanted to travel, Husband and I set out to see the world. We thought about going to Europe. We fantasized about the mysterious Far East. We consulted our bank account and set off for South America. For some reason it was cheaper to fly to Ecuador than California, it was even cheaper than flying around the Republic. Being  terribly frightened a bit apprehensive regarding altitude sickness, we opted to start our adventure in Guayaquil.  Guayaquil reminds me of Oakland. Not the scary, get shot for driving through the wrong neighborhood Oakland, but the Lake Merritt, Art Deco Oakland of my youth. Guayaquil has been described as a devastatingly hot and humid city. It was no hotter nor more humid than Mérida. Actually, I think it may have been less so. However, we missed the cooling afternoon breezes that we’re used to enjoying. Without those breezes, it felt stuffy and cloying. Fortunately, it wasn’t like that every day. One ...

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I have a big head

My daughter quotes the dinosaur in this clip all the time. I feel like that dinosaur right now. I have a huge head cold. It is making life miserable for me. I caught it in Cuenca and it incubated on the thirteen hour trip home. Now I have a full grown stuffy head, I feel like the NyQuil poster child. I have a lot of thoughts that I want to share about our adventures, but I am afraid that I my writing will be what I call Joe Genius quality. Joe Genius quality term papers were a specialty of one of my college chums. He’d get stoned,stay up all night and write a brilliant paper, so brilliant that no one understood it, not even him.

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