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Inspired by Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin style clothes and Lagenlook seems to be what I have been pinning these days.  What do you do when you have chemo brain? In my case, you spend a lot of time exploring Pinterest. I made a decision that 2014 was going to be the year that I defined my style but also I decided that I won’t be buying anything new this year. Well, almost anything, used clothes are still okay, but I want to limit even those purchases. After looking at Natalie Chanin’s book,Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes & Stories Celebrating Sustainable Fashion & Living and checking out her website, I realized that while it would be great to have all three of her books, it simply wasn’t in the budget. Hard choice, books or chemo? I really rather have books. However, I already know how to do the basics of Alabama Chanin style, reverse applique, embroidery, stenciling, and couching. Last year, I had bought a ...

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I begin to see daylight

Yesterday was spent waiting for someone who didn’t show up, he didn’t show up because he spent yesterday waiting for someone else, who didn’t show up. While I was waiting I finished my two dresses. The pink smocked dress came out exactly like I envisioned, unfortunately it is not the least bit flattering on me. I have these breaks with reality sometimes, I have only one shirred dress that looks good on me, it’s only shirred in the back. Unless I lose so much weight that I look like a prison camp refugee, that dress will never look good on me. It makes me look dumpy. The orange/brown dress looks better, it does make it more obvious that I have a tummy, but the tummy is on it’s way to becoming extinct. My plan is to have a flat tummy before I arrive in California. I know I can do it.I just layered the dresses over what the dummy was ...

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