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Why Mérida?

Someone sent me an email and asked me why Mérida. While I was answering her, I realized that it isn’t a simple answer. I love it here, I felt at home from the first time we came here. Now I will be the first to admit that I seldom have been somewhere on vacation without thinking “I could live here”. Especially,if I was on vacation for the rest of my life. Mérida is a beautiful city in some parts, a modern city in others and in parts it’s less than attractive. It’s a huge city, I think there are over a million people living here, and sometimes it feels like they are all driving at the same time or walking on the same streets. It’s a noisy city, not as noisy as some, it does get quiet at night. Most of the noises are the sounds of people living their lives. I hear horse clip clopping by, either the carriage ...

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