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Fabric storage solution

  Dumping all my fabric in a crate was the worst fabric storage solution for me, stacking fabric on shelves was not much better, and leaving it in piles all around the house  definitely put a strain on my marriage. So what’s a girl to do? I turned to pinterest, made a new board titled “Craft room/studio redo” and started looking at pins. All those photos of material lovingly stacked on shelves by color and fabric type made me feel better about my stash. It’s nice to see that I won’t be winning the “largest fabric stash” award after all. The sun is strong here, so leaving fabric out exposed to the light really isn’t an option for me. I needed a way to see what I had, and to retrieve it without making a mess. I know that when I am in the thralls of a new idea, I don’t want to stop to tidy up any messes along the ...

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Fabric hoarding, again.

Hi,my name is Theresa and I am a fabric  hoarder, yes, I am guilty of fabric hoarding. I should buy a tee shirt emblazoned with “She who dies with the most fabric wins.” Remember my vow not to buy any new fabric? Don’t feel bad,seems like I forgot it. I have boxes of fabric again and I find myself fingering new fabrics longingly. I know lots of people who sew and almost all of them have this affliction, the buying of excess fabric. Quilters suffer from it the most. Fortunately, I realized early on that I will never be a quilter,so I guess I can count my blessings there. Last night at the writer’s gathering at MEL, I found myself chatting with the owner of a dressmaking and alterations store. She was there because her boyfriend is a writer, we told her that instead of novia, her name tag should have read support staff. I asked her if she had ...

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Black gingham and cherry fabrics

Ironing my new black gingham and cherry fabrics really brought home how warm it is here. Pre-shrinking fabric is a recommended step that I usually skip because we don’t have a dryer. I fully realize that it’s not good practice, but I don’t do it. Off hand, I know four people who own dryers, it isn’t an usual topic of discussion among my friends. Since we don’t have a dryer and this fabric is going to be a dress for 3 of 4, I decided to pre-shrink it. Rather than waiting until 2 pm when cold water is not an option, I helped fill the washer with a bucket. Our low water pressure usually isn’t an issue because I fill the washer with warm water, but the hot goes in so slowly that by the time the washer is filled the water no longer is hot. Rather than hang the fabric out, I chose to iron it dry and shrink ...

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Why is gingham called mascota in Spanish?

Scouring the fabric stores for two hours this afternoon, I finally found what I was looking for, black and white mascota ( mascot or pet is the literal translation ). I have no idea why gingham is called mascota in Spanish. I had shown my daughter the C0501 young girl’s  dress and she liked it. She gave me some ideas on fabrics that she would like. One of her likes was a classic, black and white gingham. Gingham or mascota  is readily available for about $16 a meter or one dollar six cents a yard (at today’s extraordinarily favorable exchange rate of 14 to 1). Unfortunately, it’s a crummy synthetic fabric that feels like nylon to me. Wanting a quality fabric,preferably one made of cotton, I headed to the basement.El Gran Chapur has a very nice selection of fabrics in the basement of their centro location. The fabrics there are lovely, lots of cottons, tropical weight wool and linen and ...

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Almost instant dresses

Not having enough fabric of my own, I adopted part of someone else’s stash. Sewers often have stashes of fabric, fabric from uncompleted projects, remnants from completed projects and fabric bought on a whim. My stashes tend to consist mostly of the later, really good deals to hard to pass up and fabrics bought with no specific garments in mind. This windfall of  fabric came by way of a friend who  purchased an used sewing machine from another ex-pat who is moving away. Included with the machine was a bunch of fabric  bags of trims, lots of rickrack and a crocheted yoke salvaged from another garment. Looking at the yoke, I realized that all I would need to do is sew a tube and attach it. The yoke is a pretty coral color that doesn’t quite go with any of my current fabrics.  This morning while cleaning out my ropero (wardrobe), I picked up a skirt that had fallen to ...

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