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Stitching in Mexico

This is mostly a sewing post, consider yourself warned. It’s been awhile since I joined the Vintage Pattern Lending Library’s 1912 project. January 4,2012 to be exact, I did a tiny blog post about it. Today, I received my first pattern, # E0336!! It’s a princess line slip. Mexico is a great place for the budding seamstress, there are fabric stores and notion stores but patterns like we are used to NOB are few and far between. There are however pattern magazine, Telas Parasina even sells their own version. In the streets near the mercado you can buy  Patrones ,there is even a Patrones Niños.If you are really fashion forward, Dantes and Sanbornes sell the European sewing magazine Revista Burda or Burda style, it’s usually a few months out of date,but still very fashion forward for Merida. Minimal sewing directions is the rule, it’s assumed that you know how to sew. No step by step directions. I like that, I ...

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Altering everything

Sorting through some papers, I found a pattern that I had downloaded for free but never got around to taping the 30 some pages together. It wasn’t long before I realized that there had been some sort of glitch when I printed it out. The pattern pieces were all offset, some by as much as an inch. It took me awhile but I finally got all my pieces matched up and I added the missing lines as best as I could. It’s a pretty simple pattern, which is good, because I either didn’t print out the pattern instructions or I downloaded them onto my previous computer. Since the web is my friend, a search was in order. I found some mixed reviews of the pattern. Not that it really matters since I have to alter patterns so much that I usually don’t bother with store bought patterns. The last time that I was NOB, I bought a book called Fitting Solutions: ...

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