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Food thoughts, not food for thought.

I always think people who agree with me are really smart, don’t you? This online article in the New York Times by Michael Pollan entitled Unhappy Meals, falls right in line with my thoughts on food. It’s really long but well worth reading. One of my friends had made the comment to me that she was having a hard time finding foods with fiber in them. Even though, she was reading all the labels on food. In a rather unkind and snippy way, I declared” That’s because you aren’t eating food! If you want fiber, eat an apple. Have brown rice.” It seems that Mr. Pollan agrees with me, that stuff isn’t food. If you look at the photo of our new pantry, you won’t find any mixes, or processed foods. We do have various pastas, beef broth and canned frijoles charros, but almost everything else is an ingredient not a meal in a box. Even the breakfast cereal is ...

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