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Somebody please explain it to me

As a procrastinator on a professional level,I do a lot of web surfing. I like to blame it on Pinterest, but pinning just makes it seem more like I am accomplishing something. I have ways to justify my habits, I am doing research, I am refining my tastes, and I am learning new things. Mostly, I just lose track of time, my sense of time is not good. I can be on time, I can stick to a schedule but I have no way of judging how long something will take or did take unless I use a watch. Back to my theme. I keep seeing blog posts and pins that I don’t understand. The bleach pen phenomena for instance. There seems to be a trend to stencil or draw on clothing with a bleach pen. Admittedly, it is a cool looking effect. But, here is my problem, it’s BLEACH. You know the stuff that rots fabric even burns holes if ...

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