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Gotta get my cooking mojo back

Having been the perpetrator of some truly awful meals lately, I have been feeling down. Yesterday, I baked a non-wheat bread that could most generously be described as similar to a spinach frittata but not as good. I even used half a cup of pine nuts in it! This morning, I redeemed myself! We had waffles. Wheat and dairy free waffles, and they were good! I found a recipe online, which would be better for pancakes, but I wanted thicker batter, so I tweaked it by adding more coconut flour and some cardamom. I also added some coconut oil because waffle recipes, in my experience, have oil and are a thicker batter. I also used a blender instead of a mixer, because I like being able to pour directly out of the blender. I make coconut flour with dried coconut  in the blender using the grind setting. I start by pulsing and finish by grinding it as fine as I ...

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What do you eat?

On the forum that I frequent, Yolisto, someone asked about what people ate. Whether we (the expats) had found that our cooking and eating had changed by living here. I started this big long post in response but as I wrote it I realized that I was probably NOT the sort of person who he was targeting.However I  do have some thoughts on the subject.People who move to a foreign country generally keep to their native style of cooking. Which is why when I go NOB I can go out and easily eat Vietnamese, Indian, Italian,Chinese, Japanese, Texas Barbeque, and French food. For Cuban food, I can go eat at my mother’s house. That is the point. You might start introducing foreign foods into your diet, if you are adventurous, but generally you stick with what you know. I’m very fortunate in that my mother is a very curious and intelligent woman, when she would encounter a new vegetable in ...

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Caught cheating

Husband caught me cheating. Watching me put together a salad of kohlrabi and carrots, he asked “Is that Thai?”. I squirmed, hemmed and hawed until I finally answered “No, it’s Vietnamese.” Not only was that salad Vietnamese, but the chicken we had the other day was Vietnamese too. He forgave me, he likes South East Asian Cuisine.   This salad is especially good with beer. I put more chilies on mine after Husband went across the street and bought us a “caguama” of Sol to share. I think I am becoming addicted to the combination of chile serrano, chopped mint and cilantro. The more chiles you put in the salad the better the beer tastes. Trust me.

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No maybe about it, May rocks!

May is proving to be a very successful month on many fronts.I weighed myself the other day, and I have lost 3 pounds. Husband asked me if I knew what that meant? My reply was that we’d been having lots of vegetables and salads recently. Nodding sagely he agreed but added “Not just more vegetables and salads but THAI style vegetables and salads!!” My answer to his claim is that if I always cook Thai food, then it won’t be special anymore. He isn’t buying my line of reasoning.   On the creative side, not that cooking isn’t creative, my painting class is going very well. Remember way back in January when I first started painting? I did a post titled Planning a painting, then reality intervened and I put off the painting of Laxshimi until my painting ability caught up with drawing skills. It took me three weeks but I finished it! This is my largest painting to date. ...

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Panaeng Neua (Thai Beef Balls in Peanut Sauce)

This recipe is from The Original Thai Coobook by Jennifer Brennan. 1 pound medium lean ground beef I just used carne molida de res 1/2 cup all purpose flour 2 tablespoons vegetable oil  I used coconut oil 4 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons red curry paste (Krung Gaeng Ped)  I bought it at Pacsadeli but I have a recipe if you need one 1 cup thick coconut milk coconut milk made from the first press NOT coconut cream 2 tablespoons chunky peanut butter or ground peanuts I used ground peanuts  1 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar I used one pack of granulated Stevia 2 tablespoons fish sauce I bought it at Pacsadeli  1 teaspoon fresh mint or sweet basil leaves chopped I used fresh mint, I recommend it. Unless you have Thai basil.  Shape the beef into small firm balls about 1″ in diameter. Press and roll the balls in the flour, dusting off the excess. Heat the oil in ...

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This isn’t really flan either

Jonna wrote about How Not to Make Flan , on her blog. She came by the house and shared some with us.It tasted like flan but was dense and heavy.Not a bad first effort.I recently made this low carb ginger flan without the ginger. Husband says that I cannot call it a flan, he thinks it’s more like a mousse. Refrigerating it for 3 hours really does make a difference, but with one of the liquids being water, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was a light weight rather than the heavy body of a good Cuban or Mexican flan.  I am going to try it again this time, I am using coconut milk instead of water. I bought a heavier crema 30% rather than the 20% most media cremas consist of. To humour Husband’s sensibilities, I am calling it coconut cream pudding. You can make coconut milk from fresh coconuts but I haven’t seen the coconut vendor on ...

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I feel so misunderstood- expanded version

¿What do I do all day? is a blog from a woman who retired to Merida, Mexico. The blog includes updates about gardening and sight-seeing, but learning to cook Mexican food is one of her passions. Source: http://www.guidetoculinaryschools.com/library/best-mexican-cuisine-blogs I never knew that about myself! Did you? All this time I thought that cooking Indian food was my big favorite? Do I even have any Mexican recipes on my blog? I just checked, I have the mole incident and a recipe for enchilada sauce.___________________________________________________________________________________ Husband asked me what prompted me to write the above  post.I received an email from the authors of the list. In fact, this is my second email from them. The first was regarding Theresa’s Cooking Blog, their blurb said something about the Cauliflower Steamed with Whole Spices recipe. It’s a great recipe by the way, but it’s Indian in origin, not Mexican.When I didn’t respond by putting their widget on my blog they removed my blog from ...

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At least the bear had a good meal.

You are all sworn to secrecy, my reputation depends upon it. According to that sage British author, Samuel Johnson, (1709-1784), the idea that I can share such news and expect silence on your part is doomed from the start. He advises, “To keep your secret is wisdom; but to expect others to keep it is folly. “Then to further clarify he goes on to say, “The vanity of being known to be trusted with a secret is generally one of the chief motives to disclose it. ” I don’t know who said “Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you.”, probably Daniel Boone. Yesterday, the bear won. Even though I was crabby and achy,I managed to prepare a memorable meal. Memorable, yup, that is a good description. I don’t know what happened but except for the papaya/banana fruit salad, it was a flop. First there were the chapatis, normally, I just use whole wheat flour tortillas. ...

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What do I eat all day?

Today was an interesting day, food wise. The rest of it was pretty ordinary. Mango pickle was the catalyst. Mango pickle takes a day or two to make, and then you need to eat it up right away, unless you use truly green mangoes. The mangoes that I used were already a little yellow so we’re having mango pickle inspired meals for a few days. Husband says that if he had to pick only one cuisine to eat for the rest of his life, it would be Thai. I understand, but given the same restrictions, I pick Indian (or Hindu as it’s known here). I wouldn’t want to be restricted to just Hindu cuisine, I like it all Hyderabad, Malabar and all the rest of the different regions. If I ever became vegetarian, it would be my choice of cuisine too. Today we had Saag Panir , coconut rice and green mango pickle. I used Lala brand full fat panela ...

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Theresa’s Cooking Blog RIP

I just imported all my posts and comments from the cooking blog to this one. I am going to delete the cooking blog. It just stopped being fun. Cooking is part of what I do all day, no different than sewing or gardening or anything else. I am hoping that by no longer feeling that burden to publish on two blogs, I will publish more on this one!If you search the labels you can find links to the recipes etc.

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