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Nopales and me

Since Jonna mentioned nopales, I did a little internet research, if you google nopales cactus+ cholesterol, you will find a whole range of articles. I’ll let you have the fun of doing that search for yourself.By an interesting coincidence, when I was a the supermarket stocking on vegetables for our TLC (total living change) I bought some cactus paddles. A nice thing about living in Mexico is that you can buy already scraped (to remove the spines) nopale paddles, already cleaned and chopped nopalitos, canned nopales, or even fresh frozen nopalitos. The nopalitos are nopale paddles that have been diced.I had heard from several people that they are really tasty grilled. I already had planned to grill eggplant and zucchini,so why not?I’ve had them boiled (to remove the “slime”) and they were okay,I had heard that they were nutritious so I was interesting in finding a way to prepare them that we would enjoy.Somehow,after I put them away in the ...

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Plantanos Machos baked with rum and sugar

6 large plátanos machos (plantains) as ripe as possible1/4 cup unsalted butter cut into pieces1/2 cup rum1/3 cup sherry (jerez)1/3 cup piloncillo*1/4 teaspoon saltground nutmeg (nuece mascada) and ground cinnamon (canela) to taste, Slice the machos into chunks, I like to roll cut them. Put machos in a single row into an ovenproof baking dish. Pour the sherry and rum over the machos. Evenly distribute the butter and piloncillo over the machos Sprinkle the salt,nutmeg and cinnamon over the machos. bake covered in a preheated 350ºF oven for 30 minutes Uncover,stir the machos and bake an additional 30 minutes until brown and soft. Serve warm Notes:I buy the granulated piloncillo in bags at Walmart and Comercial Mexicana, if you can’t find it, you will need to grate the piloncillo. You can also substitute a 1/3 cup packed dark brown sugar.Here is a video I found on how to roll cut.

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Gastronomìa Mexicana 2.0

I just found this great cooking blog for Mexican food, Gastronomìa Mexicana 2.0 written by a Yucatecan named Elizabeth. It doesn’t have a lot of recipes in spite of having been around since 2006. It’s also written in Spanish which may be a problem for some of you. What makes it worthwhile is that the cooking directions are well done with step by step instructions and clear photos.There is a recipe for Spaguetti Verde a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Green Spaghetti). When our neighbor’s 16 year old son had to cook dinner to pay off a bet, Spaguetti Verde is what he made using chile poblanos. Check it out, it will give you something different to cook when you are in a hurry.She has a recipe for Jalisco style Pozole which I am planning on trying out soon.If you have a sweet tooth there is also a recipe for Pastel de Nutela (Nutella Cake). Nutella is big here in Yucatan, ...

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Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Chart

I have this posted on my refrigerator. Fahrenheit Celsius 155————70 165————75 185————85 200———–95 275———–135 300———–150 325———–160 350———–175 375———–190 400———-205 450———-230

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Cookbook rescue

I have an old, worn copy of Sunset’s Chinese Cooking. I especially like it because it is from the era when exotic ingredients weren’t as readily available in the USA as they are now. Unfortunately, the softcover cookbook, while still a good source for recipes and ideas, is falling apart. I’ve even lost the cover and some of the pages.I concidered taking it to the local copy shop and having it rebound in a spiral binding, but I thought that might make difficult to read some of the printing. When I was NOB, I looked for a copy in the used book stores, but didn’t find one.Yesterday, when I was looking for my errant recipe, I had a moment of inspiration. I have a binder of recipes either photocopied from library cookbooks or torn from the pages of magazines and put into a binder. Before I place them in the binder, I put them into a plastic sleeve, a page ...

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