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Sometimes I miss our car

Missing car ownership is something I hardly ever do. Today, I miss it. Disbursing money to our scholarship girls is one of my duties as IWC treasurer. On paper it seems simple enough. The chairlady of the scholarship committee sends me an email detailing how much is due to each student. I deposit the amount in their bank accounts. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is a simple easy system. Unfortunately, I have been trying to do it for a week now with no success. What’s the hold up? I can’t find three or four hours in a row free to go to the bank. Two of the girls have taken advantage of Santander’s free account for students and the third has her account with HSBC. Now, I won’t go to the bank on the 1st or the 15th of the month because of quincena (paydays on the 15th day),for the same reason Fridays and Saturdays are out of the question ...

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Lost in time and space

I have been lost in time and space the last few days. This morning, I went with Husband to buy new tires for the car. We talked about checking out various places but decided to go to Costco, because it was easier. I think we did okay, but since I have no basis of comparison I really can’t say. Husband and I have been discussing frugality, not as a general topic but as it affects us. We’ve always been frugal, some it is because of my nature and some because of circumstances. I have been reading frugal, tightwad or penny pinching blogs recently. Hoping to pick up some tips. Sadly to say, most of what I read doesn’t really apply to us. We either can’t do some of the things or are already doing them. Buying in bulk usually doesn’t save money here and I already cook most of our food from scratch. The number one thing that we could ...

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