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The battle of the wall, day one

As I stepped out our front door, I noticed a pair of youngsters intently watching a third. I walked over and in my best stage voice, very loud but not actually shouting, I demanded,”Just why do you think it’s okay to write on my wall? Do you write on your mother’s walls at home?”. Needless to say, the young girl turned to me, she couldn’t have been more surprised if the wall had spoken to her itself. She stammered, “I wouldn’t have written on it if I had known it was your wall.” I wanted to ask her whose wall was it okay to write on? Did she think the wall had grown out of the sidewalk? Having dealt with pre-teens during my short stint as a school bus driver, I knew that sort of dialogue was fruitless, so instead, I asked her name and got her word that she would not write on my wall anymore. Furthermore, she would ...

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