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Beads as a metaphor

No posts for 6 days and now two, one right after the other! The opportunity arose for me to have stuff from NOB brought to me. I went to various websites to look at beads, thread and various other good readily available to the NOB beader. The way I do mail order is to select any and everything that is appealing to me and then weed out the non-essentials. I wanted size 15 beads, small seed beads that I haven’t found in Mérida, which are used in many of the patterns that I have. I wanted nymo beading thread, which is basically upholstery thread but it comes in bobbins and a variety of sizes. I wanted size 8 beads, which are seed beads that are larger than the size 11 normally found here but smaller than the size 6 commonly found here. I find size 8’s occasionally but there isn’t the variety that I would like. I totaled up the ...

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