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I got a haircut to celebrate my penultimate chemo.

My hairdresser came to the house and gave me a haircut yesterday. I love that about Mexico, servicio a domicilio. I haven’t had my haircut since October and it was getting that attractive look between a cue tip and a dandelion unless I put coconut oil on it. When people haven’t seen me for awhile, they always peer at me and say in what sounds like an accusing manner to me,”You look pretty good.” Sometimes they follow that up with, “How come you haven’t lost your hair?”  I always want to be a wise acre and say,”Yeah but you should have seen me last week!”. The truth is that I am taking a light course of chemo and Dr Bastarrachea had assured me that I wouldn’t be losing my hair. In actuality, around chemo number 3 my hair did start to fall out. I was leaving bigger wads of hair in the shower but nothing like what my friends who ...

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