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The dog ate my homework.

*  Promote truth ,  a homework assignment from the first Latin American Bloggers’ Conference, I originally wrote this on April 25, 2008.   No, Mr. Dog didn’t eat my homework, even after I put butter on it . Here is my assignment: PROMOTE TRUTH You already know the basics: Don’t fill up on bread Wear sunscreen If you’re putting an air freshener in the bathroom, don’t chose one that smells like food. You’re a font of wisdom, and you’re getting sharper every year. Outline ten truths you believe to be universal. You can tell us how you came to your conclusions, or explain how your beliefs have changed over the years. If you are feeling ambitious, check back on this list in a few years to see if you still agree with yourself. Never second guess yourself. Sometimes second guessing works, but usually you are right the first time. Unless it’s spelling, if the word looks funny, you probably either didn’t spell ...

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