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Is housework a job?

If you blog, you can get a program called google analytics, that tells you stuff about who reads your blog. For example, most of the people (50.66% in the last month) who read this blog reach it from another blog. Either because I wrote a comment and they wanted to know more about me or because the blogger recommended me by putting me in their links section. 26.78% of you have me bookmarked or saved to favorites, which is really nifty, it means that you like what I say well enough to want to come back on your own or you are my family, I do have a lot of family. The interesting part is 13.57% find my blog via search engines. Some of the searches make me think that I have talked to you,or someone who knows me has told you that I have a blog, because 19 of the searches involved my name or my blog’s name. Before ...

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