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Orange you glad I made a muslin first?

Several years ago, still suffering from a bad case of “I live in Mexico”, I bought several yards of black and orange fabric. Or rather several yards of black fabric and several yards of orange. I have no idea where the black has gotten off to, but the orange did star in a role as a table cloth some years back. My understanding is that Tangerine Tango is the Pantone color of the year for 2012, so maybe I was just too avant garde? Either way, the fabric has been languishing in my stash and I’ve finally found a use for it. I’m using it for the muslin for my version of the EO162 skirt Blatantly ignoring my vow to only use stash fabric for this project, I bought 3 meters of Lino Panama in a pale blush color that looks great with my coral fabric. I still have several yards remaining, even though I used it in my Time ...

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in which I venture downtown to buy more lace

Needing more lace for my second try at VPLL E0336, the princess slip, I decided to try La Peraza this time. They have beautiful imported laces, at beautiful imported prices. Needing fourteen yards of one inch insertion pretty much ruled out the $35.00 and $70.00 imported laces. I asked to see domestic laces but the ones that I like were agotado, which translates to exhausted but means out of stock. Sighing, I explained that I needed  fifteen meters (I had decided to get extra just in case). Standing next to me was a young man who took pity on me. He recommended that I go to Huacho Martin and ask for encaje bollillo. At Huacho, I asked for the encaje bolillo at the lace counter and was directed to the back where the appliques were. Turns out it’s bobbin lace. I found some that I liked for $7.50 a meter. Anticipating needing a bit of insertion with the VPLL 1912 Project, ...

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