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The weather is great right now. My idea of the perfect climate, cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cool again in the evening. So why don’t I move to a more temperate climate? The truth is that I hate being cold and if a place is cooler during the summer months you know it’s going to be cold in the winter. I’ll take sweating over shivering any day. This year has been exceptionally hot and humid. Early in the year I read somewhere the prediction that this was going to be a low chance of hurricane year. I thought that was wonderful, the storm wracked cities like Cancun needed a chance to recover. Of course, then there was the great flu scare which held off the tourists better than any old high wind ever did. Getting back on topic, it seems like the lack of hurricanes means lack of rain, and that means heat. Heinlein was right, TANSTAAFL ...

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