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Called to task

Like I said before, there is something about the whole visa process that stresses me out. I think it’s a secret fear of not measuring up. My rational mind knows that I have all the bases covered, but the small child who sometimes takes control doesn’t believe me. This morning I checked the status of our application for FM2s, that we turned in on Monday. I saw “report to immigration”, actually it said present yourself to immigration, but that child within said to me “now you are in trouble, you forgot something, or did something wrong”. I felt like I was being summoned to the Principal’s office. Husband thought it might have something to do with our little episode with the court system we had last year. Outwardly, I was calm, I said “we don’t know what they want, we can’t start guessing.” Inwardly, I was feeling like I might vomit. We arrived at 8:45 this time, we were issued ...

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