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INAPAM and CITUR- turning 60 in Mexico is a good thing.

What do these three things have in common? Disneyland, Arroyo High School, Me. 2015 is our 60th birthday year! Yup, I am now a senior citizen, turning 60 in Mexico is a good thing. It means you can get an INAPAM card and a CITUR pass. INAPAM stands for Instituto National de las Personas Adultos Mayores – the program covers a lot of cool stuff. With my INAPAM card, I also qualified for a CITUR pass; sorry, I don’t know what the letters actually stand for, or if it’s just a cute way to spell city tour. CITUR entitles you to a reduced fare on some city buses, but not all. The ones with A/C are usually exempt. This is a significant savings if you are a regular bus rider, like me. The lower fare has me chosing a different bus line, I used to take the bus with a/c if given a choice. Normally, I am not given to social commentary but ...

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Mexican Math

Maybe I am influenced by Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, but I often have what I call Through the Looking Glass moments. The Mexican week has 7 days just like ours but it’s counted different, so if an appointment is in week’s time, it is 8 days from now. Two weeks is fifteen days. I’ve gotten used to that, in fact, it makes sense to me. Now comes along an entirely different sort of math, sale math. Husband was in our favorite pharmacy, Farmacias Similares. In order to force him to speak Spanish give him more opportunity to speak Spanish, I waited in the car. Due to poor planning on our part, we hadn’t gone on Monday during the peak discount times, but since Husband has an INAPAM card, he still gets a 10% discount. This is a routine interaction, so I was surprised when Husband asked me for help. The clerk explained that Husband was buying three boxes and ...

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