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When you are non-confrontational like I am, and as uninterested in politics as I am, it’s easy to just ignore current events. As a side effect of my indifference, you will seldom read anything political or religious in my blog posts. If you know me, you probably can guess my leanings in those directions, otherwise it’s a moot point. Once in awhile you have to break the rules, I just can’t let this get by without commenting. This reminds me of the crazy years that Heinlein wrote about, odd times and occurrences. What is going on here? Are people sleep voting? Am I totally out of touch with the American scene since I have been away so long? Lately, Husband and I have been watching the Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the morning with our coffee. The other day, Jon said something so outrageous, that he almost made me a widow. Husband was laughing so ...

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