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Life imitates art

Turquoise water cool against my feet,  I hesitate on the stairs. As I steel myself to plunge in, I glance beyond the pool to the sour orange tree. The small talavera turtle planter had fallen back off the red brick wall, his large mouth open to the sky. Is he sympathetic to my plight, or is he laughing at me? The water isn’t cold by any means, it’s the contrast between it and Merida’s hot sultry weather that makes it seem so to me. My snowbird friends, those thick blooded northerners, would never hesitate. My blood is thin, I chill easily, but I long for the relief from the sweat that drips. I can feel a drop of perspiration making it’s way down the back of my leg, following a familiar trail starting at the back of my knee. Why is it so difficult? I glance at the turtle, laugh and jump in.

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Conversation with myself

I have been reading other people’s blogs and surfing the web searching for the ever elusive “inspiration”. You know, something that will spark me to write about it, or remind me about something in my life or whatever. Guess what? It ain’t happening. I went to the well and it was dry. Not that I lack for opinions, I seem to have strong opinions on everything. Frustrated, I had the following conversation with myself. “Maybe it’s the weather?” I asked myself. “No, I like the weather this time of year”, I replied. “Could it be a lack of projects?” I mused further, looking around at the plethora of things half done and waiting to be begun, I dismissed that thought unanswered. “It can’t be ill health, I’m feeling great.” due to Nancy’s timely reminder, I am taking my chia seeds daily and I think that they are keeping me hydrated. “Well maybe I just don’t have anything left to say?” ...

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