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A different viewpoint

           image courtesy of Wikipedia  Arriving at painting class armed with a photocopy of John Singer Sargent’s watercolor  A Morning Walk, some fashion plates from the same era and  photocopies of a human skeleton, I announced that I had an idea. This idea either would be one of my best paintings yet or would serve as a learning exercise. I wanted to do something more painterly. However, I didn’t want to copy Sargent’s portrait, but rather do something similar but  more Mexican in feeling. La Bella Epoca (La Belle Époque in France, Edwardian Era in England) is also the heyday of the henequén trade.  So my choice of costume worked for me. The seaside was more appropriate to Mérida than a lake.    La Catarina del Henequén Takes a Morning Walk Here is my portrait. Does it work?

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