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Frugal living Mexico style:fix it, use it up, or wear it out.

Frugal living Mexico style is easy. NOB it’s often simplier and cheaper to replace something when it stops working rather than try to fix it. Even if you want to repair something, you can’t find the parts or someone to do the work. Take cobblers for example, you can find shoe repair stands in every mercado, small or big. The larger mercados such as the Mercado Galvez have several. In Santa Rosa, I knew of two places in the entire town.  Husband routinely has his shoes resoled, it’s gone up fifty pesos since we moved here but it’s still 15% of what a new pair of shoes would cost, if you could find them. That’s a story for another day, however. We used to have a great appliance repairman. He’s fixed our washing machine twice. However, the last time I called his phone was disconnected. So I am in the market for a new washing machine repair man. Our machine ...

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