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in which I venture downtown to buy more lace

Needing more lace for my second try at VPLL E0336, the princess slip, I decided to try La Peraza this time. They have beautiful imported laces, at beautiful imported prices. Needing fourteen yards of one inch insertion pretty much ruled out the $35.00 and $70.00 imported laces. I asked to see domestic laces but the ones that I like were agotado, which translates to exhausted but means out of stock. Sighing, I explained that I needed  fifteen meters (I had decided to get extra just in case). Standing next to me was a young man who took pity on me. He recommended that I go to Huacho Martin and ask for encaje bollillo. At Huacho, I asked for the encaje bolillo at the lace counter and was directed to the back where the appliques were. Turns out it’s bobbin lace. I found some that I liked for $7.50 a meter. Anticipating needing a bit of insertion with the VPLL 1912 Project, ...

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Not going as well as expected

My VPLL 1912 project isn’t going as well for me as I expected, mostly due to inattention on my part and my printer being cranky. I fully expect to be a much more skilled seamstress when the project is over. I also feel a bit intimidated by the blog posts that I have been reading. That said, here is my report. I used some very inexpensive blush colored cotton broadcloth from my stash. I think I originally bought 10 meters because it as $9.99 a meter (about 99 cents US at the time). So including the lace, I might have spent $80.00 not quite seven dollars. Living in no-pattern land, I have downloaded a few patterns. This time wanting to do everything correctly, I re-read the directions and noticed this phrase, Check to make sure that your print preferences for page scaling are set to none. If they are set to “fit to page” or anything other than none – ...

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