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Busy Bee, that’s me!

In honor of the Borg, I have new nicknames for the granddaughters. They are now Juannafor, Tuafor, Threeoffour (formerly known as la nieta) and the once and future baby girl due in January who will be Fouroffour. La Primera mentioned to me that Tuafor was suffering from a serious case of handmedown syndrome.  I offered to make her a few things. She is still small enough that I can whip up stuff for her pretty quickly and young enough to like girlie stuff like twirly skirts. I have a friend who is heading NOB soon, which means the sewing machine has been whirling along. So for I have these things made. I planned on some simple skirts then I found a total deal on some sleeveless tops. At $10 each, I bought 6, so far I have combined one with fabric from my stash to create a long sleeve dress. I count stash fabric as free so it’s the seventy-five ...

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