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I love it when a plan comes together

After reading all the comments on my last post,Starting Over Again, Need Input,I have a plan.Not a great plan, and not the plan I thought that I´d have, but it is a plan. Normally, I answer all my comments individually but this time I am posting instead. I appreciate all the advice. Husband and I read and discussed them all.Thank you! To answer Yucatan Man, the tech originally thought my problem was water in my laptop.However, I think the liquid he saw was electrical contact cleaner that I over enthusiastically sprayed into every orifice of the device when it started giving me trouble. Electrical contact cleaner has revived several “dead’ electrical appliances in our household, so I thought that I’d give it a try. Later, when the machine refused to start, he did some research on that particular model and found out that failure due to heat is a fatal flaw in the design. We aren´t going to explore why ...

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starting over again, need input

My laptop has been pronounced dead. The tech says that I can spend $600 mxn for a diagnostic scan but the result will probably be that I need a new motherboard. He can buy me one for $4000 mxn or I can order a refurbished one online from a Chinese company for around $200 usd (2600 mx). I can then  have a friendly snowbird fly it down on their annual migration. I’d still have to have it installed etc but that would be a mere $300 mxn. We paid about $8000 mxn on sale for the HPs at Costco in Merida. It was overkill for my needs but a very good deal. Husband thinks that I should just get an apple. MK, an Apple fan from way back says that she hasn’t heard of Apples having the heat problems that the HP has. She also praised the new Apple Store at AltaBrisas Mall, who honored her USA warranty. I need some input ...

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Too many wants

The virus is in retreat, I feel better. Well enough to get into trouble, but not healthy enough to dig my way out again. Husband got a new phone after I laundered my old one. He has been wanting one more like his palm device that he used to use, he really doesn’t call many people, but he wanted to use it for schedules etc. Liking the phone that he had, which had been mine for a brief while, we traded. He got a new super duper phone and I got one that I already understood. We were both happy. Have you ever noticed that when people discover a new thing that works for them, a diet, a new product, or a place to live, they want to share it? Husband has been badgering me to trade in my phone and buy one like his. Loving me and wanting me to have the best, he cannot understand my reluctance. It’s ...

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It boogles my mind sometimes

Going against my wishes, Husband bought me a Kindle. He was right, I did really want one, I just didn’t know it. Instead of writing I have been reading. Embracing new technologies is not my thing, I have Luddite tendencies. When Apple came out and Microsoft invented Windows to compete with the new easier operating system, I clung to barefoot DOS. All those icons seemed ridiculous when all you had to do was type a short script at the prompt. Nowadays, I can hardly remember any of those commands. In my defense, Windows did take a long time to do anything and was really expensive. My dumb terminal and 300 baud modem were as modern as I wanted to be. 300 baud was a great speed for me, I prided myself on being able to read each new line as it scrolled on the screen. Now, I get frustrated when my connection doesn’t bring up a complete web page in ...

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