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I guess it’s working!

Today, my friend, Joanna, published an interview, included in that interview were some photos of my friend Beth and me . I took the liberty of lifting two of her photos. I was totally shocked at how heavy I used to be. While I remember the photo being taken in front of the rose bush at Rosa’s home in Sta Elena, I have to guess that it was taken two years ago. The photo on the right was taken two days ago. Oddly enough I seem to standing in a hole since I am two whole inches taller than Beth! It just goes to show that we really don’t see ourselves. I’ve been feeling frustrated and convinced that I had not really lost any weight. Almost the same pose but in December of 2009, since I still have that top, I slipped it on, stepped outside to have Husband take quick snapshot. I think I should keep that top and periodically ...

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