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Me Made May and some technical difficulties

Just a line to tell you all that I have several blog posts that I have been working on. The writing part is going along well, the hold-up is in the photos. I have either not taken enough photos, the photos are too blurry to use, or I still need to edit them.  I use an online editor and the internet slows way down when it’s warm, just like everything else around here. The other day it was a mind numbing 43ºC which is 109.4ºF, for the first time in a quite awhile I didn’t find the pool water too cool. Husband just walks into the pool like he’s taking a stroll, I dip my feet, then slowly work my way up to my waist. He says that the hot air makes the contrast stronger and I should just jump in. Like in so many things, he is probably right, but that doesn’t mean that I am changing my ways. ...

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