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Nothing serious

Mrs WB and I have painting class together on Fridays. She paints tropical landscapes, sea shells, boats and all sorts of pretty paintings. I always admire her efforts, but somehow I can’t seem to follow her lead. It never occurs to me to paint a landscape, my fevered brain wants to paint things like Iguanas Playing Poker inspired by CM Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker series. I have, so far, resisted the temptation. However I indulged my penchant for whimsy with a pair of Catrin paintings, a revolutionary Adelita and a Bella Epocha lady. Last Friday they were joined by this trio of Mariachis. I couldn’t resist giving them all mustaches and eyebrows. Mariachis with Mustaches mixed media Normally my paintings are acrylic on board, this time I also used a white grease pencil, various Sharpie indelible markers and other felt pens in my possession. I also put a coat of triple glaze over it all. Here are all my skeletons ...

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Mariachis until Midnight

Our neighbors have friend visiting from NOB (north of the border), so what is more welcoming than Mariachis? I took a few pictures but most didn’t come out due to lighting issues. Even though this couple have only been here since July, they are already a part of our neighborhood, with kids streaming in and out of their house. The key is that they aren’t shy, or if they were when they came they’ve overcome it. None of them spoke Spanish before coming here, the little boy is probably going to be fluent in a matter of months, he has a Yucatecan buddy and they talk back and forth. The young girl is in school, she also takes Spanish lessons just like the adults, she also has a special friend to play with. Since this couple came our next door neighbor, little Katita (semi-adopted grandchild, she won my husband’s heart when she told him “I am going to visit my ...

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