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Bucket list meme

Jill over at Universal Musings has some great answers to this quiz, here are mine. (X ) Shot a gun-  I had a man target posted over my bed when I was single and living alone. It had an absolutely fabulous grouping. You had to go through the bedroom to use the bathroom, no one ever seemed to notice it though. Even then I had an off beat sense of humor. For our 2nd date with my son’s dad, he took me target shooting. I was a better shot than him, I think that’s when he fell in love. (x) Gone on a blind date – my car pool partner in college set me up on a double date, her boyfriend paid too much attention to me, so I lost my space in her car. (x) Skipped school –  yup, but only in high school. I used to not go in the morning, then show up after lunch and talk the ...

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Where did May go?

The Month of Thai was more like the week of Thai, I’m really having issues with this cooking for one business. I’m eating out more often than we used to, then I take leftovers home and eat them the next day. To help me through the day, I did have several girl friends over for lunch on Duke’s birthday.  Among other things we had spring rolls, pad Thai, satay, and a couple of salads. Dessert was sticky rice with mangoes. I meant to take photos but was too busy cooking. Then I had leftovers for several days. I am planning on doing  thank you dinner for the rest of my friends who helped me with Duke, but I haven’t gotten far on the planning. The house is less of a mess than it was, I’ve made the headboard, a bed skirt, and a bedspread.I’ll post about them next time. In my quest to figure out my role in this new life, ...

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Playing catch-up

When I start getting emails wondering how I am doing, it’s time to touch base with my two or three remaining readers. First things first, I am not putting the house up for sale. Let’s just say, it’s not the right time. While I would like to have the extra money in my savings account, it isn’t urgent. I am, however, fixing things and painting. With the exchange rate so good, it’s a great time to do so. I’ve been tracking my expenditures and I’m managing to live well within my widow’s pension though it’s really too soon to have an accurate picture. My reconstruction surgery is delayed. First there was the problem where the inexperienced nurse opened up my sutures. Finally, after waiting an extra long time for the new stitches to heal (3 weeks!), Dr. L removed them. He gave me an appointment the following week to have my first “inflation”.  Sadly, it was not to be. He ...

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What do I do all day now?

January is fast approaching. One thing I know that I need to do is start some new routines. Furgus is helping with that, he gets up at dawn and wakes me up too. He sleeps in my bedroom next to my bed, he’s just big enough to reach the edge of the mattress when he stands on his hind legs. Every morning I walk him for half an hour, my plan is to add an evening walk to our routine too. He is very energetic, attacking leaves in the garden, and demanding that I toss his toys for him to fetch. Not that he brings them back to me, he likes to taunt me, trying to get me to chase him. My solution has been to toss another toy, sometimes he doesn’t drop the first toy which stymies him, but usually he abandons the bird in the hand to go after the one in the bush. Duke used to wake ...

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Home again

Tuesday was a lesson in patience.  Thinking that I had the process figured out because I had done it once, I didn’t bother to go to the window when I arrived. Last time, they had told me that they would call me when it was my admitting time. At 1:35, when they had not called my name, Nora and I walked up to the window. I passed my original authorization chit, that my surgeon had simply crossed out my last appointment and written my new date on. The clerk looked at the paper, asked me a couple of questions, then asked to see my carnet, (in this case it’s an ID booklet in which my appointments are supposed to be written, but aren’t). I almost didn’t bring it, since I had not needed it last time, but at the last minute decided to just bring all my Seguro Popular stuff, just to be safe. She leisurely wrote on a slip ...

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I miss my husband

When I kissed my husband good bye Tuesday afternoon and told him I was going to go have surgery but I would be back as soon as I could, I almost didn’t leave.  The idea of him being more aware and me not being there for him made me conflicted. Yes, I had wonderful people lined up to stay with him, but they weren’t me. However, I waited a long time for this breast reconstruction and really needed to have it for physical reasons. My left shoulder has dropped, my rib cage has expanded on the right side, and my shoulder hurts all the time. While I was waiting for my turn to go in, my surgeon texted me. He came out to see me, the details don’t matter, but he ended up rescheduling my surgery for next month. I was so happy, if I had canceled, I might not have been rescheduled. Every night when I go to bed, ...

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Style upgrade- looking my best at 60

After viewing some selfies that I took to show off my new hair color, I realized that I needed to do a style upgrade. I’m not looking my best at 60. I haven’t had a haircut since my chemo ended in April 2014, the back is way too long but the sides are okay. Mostly, I need to start wearing makeup again.  My glasses got an upgrade, more modern, plastic frames, which helps amazingly. In the interest of full disclosure, this is the photoshopped version, though the hair really looks like this.  It’s violet and magenta KUUL hair color cream. So far this is my favorite, I also tried out the green which is more of a teal color. The biggest problem with green and the violet is that they clash too much with my wardrobe and are really too bright for me. Oh, I also have some plata (silver) for when I need to be more conservative,it results in ...

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What do I eat all day?

Nancy from Countdown to Mexico  recently posted “What DOES a vegetarian eat, anyway?” and in the comments she asked me to post what I eat since we’ve gone grain free. So here it is, What do I eat all day?  I started to write a book on food before I got cancer but have abandoned it. Not that the information isn’t good, it’s that I don’t feel that I have anything new to add to that genre. Basically my current food philosophy is eat real food, hardly any grains (except rice and the occasional nixtomalized corn tortilla), and if I stray off the path, just get back on it. We strayed off the paleo path quite a bit, I gained a few pounds due to my frustration at plateauing at 60.3 kilos ( sounds less than 133 pounds). Last week I weighed 137 pounds, argh. So we’re on the Bulletproof Diet, the main difference between how we were eating before and on ...

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Accepting my diagnosis of breast cancer

Everything happened so fast, not even a week after I saw Dr Carla to when I had my biopsy. Looking back at my notes, I see that there was a period of about five days after the biopsy that I didn’t do anything. That is because I was waiting for the results from the pathologist. I fully expected him to tell me that it wasn’t DCIS and only calcifications. My brain shut off as the Dr Sanchez explained that the cells were definitely DCIS and I had cancerous cells in the margins too.  He assured me that DCIS is 100% curable with surgery. I decided at that moment that I would have a tram flap reconstruction immediately after my surgery. The first of my expectations that had to go.  Doctor Sanchez said that he didn’t recommend it being done that way. I asked for a second opinion from another pathologist. Two days later, I dropped off my slides and paraffin ...

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