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New Look

After I saw my hair in the turnip photo, Husband assured me that no one would be as horrified as me. So just to make me feel a little better, here is what I look like with my hair tamed.

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The Frugal Expat

  This post was originally published as a guest post on Tightwad on August 25,2010 When we lived in California we lived a frugal lifestyle. Almost everything in our house was second hand; even our pets came from the pound. When we made the decision to move to Mexico we didn’t think that our habits would change that much. Now after six years, I can say that we’re still frugal but not in the same ways. I use my blender more than I ever did nob (north of the border). I still shop sales but that means that I know that the supermarkets have specials on vegetables on Wednesday .We buy our generic medications at Farmacias Similares on Mondays between 10am and 1pm and again from 5pm to 7pm, because that is when they offer an additional 25% discount. I know that the chain stores are more likely to run specials from the 8th of the month to the 14th, ...

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Conversation with myself

I have been reading other people’s blogs and surfing the web searching for the ever elusive “inspiration”. You know, something that will spark me to write about it, or remind me about something in my life or whatever. Guess what? It ain’t happening. I went to the well and it was dry. Not that I lack for opinions, I seem to have strong opinions on everything. Frustrated, I had the following conversation with myself. “Maybe it’s the weather?” I asked myself. “No, I like the weather this time of year”, I replied. “Could it be a lack of projects?” I mused further, looking around at the plethora of things half done and waiting to be begun, I dismissed that thought unanswered. “It can’t be ill health, I’m feeling great.” due to Nancy’s timely reminder, I am taking my chia seeds daily and I think that they are keeping me hydrated. “Well maybe I just don’t have anything left to say?” ...

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Nothing new under the sun

We’ve been living in Merida for almost six years now. It isn’t all new and shiny anymore. Our house is as finished as it our finances will allow. We’re no longer remodeling, instead we’re maintaining. Yesterday was hot. Today another norte blew in so it’s cooler, less humid. Ho-hum, anther day in paradise. I am having an “am I there yet?” sort of afternoon. I need a make over. A mental tune up and a physical one. My hair looks like a raccoon is perched on my head, my only recourse seems to be putting it in a pony tail. I guess I should be happy that at least my skin looks pretty good. Maybe I need to start wearing make up again? A little lipstick can do wonders, right? I gained back 5 of the pounds that I lost before I went to California. I was down to 138 and now I’m back to 142! I guess I am ...

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losing it

I think I am losing my ability to spell in English. Today, I did a search on the nutritional content of pecans. I kept spelling nutrición (without the accent mark) instead of nutrition and couldn’t figure out why my search returned pages in Spanish instead of English. Then there is my new tendency to forget to capitalize words like English and Monday . Despite my preference to spell color, colour and some other blatantly British spelling variations, I have always been good at spelling. My first job was correcting papers for a blind elementary school teacher. Originally, I was hired to do bulletin boards but my main job ended up being correcting papers. My first bulletin board was in the teacher’s lounge, where I was supposed to make the background resemble the Italian flag. I only remember because I ran the stripes in the wrong direction. Another symptom of my diminishing English language skills, Husband and I were watching tv, ...

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Buried alive

I went from no projects to feeling buried alive in an avalanche of fabric and ideas. How does this stuff happen to me? It’s that feeling that I have nothing but time, and then my brain goes into overdrive and finally explodes. After talking to my daughter, I decided that I want to go nob, just not anywhere of course, but to California. I couldn’t afford it last year, airfares were twice what they were the year before. Plus we spent the money on fixing he car instead. So it’s my intention to go in November, because I can see my kids and go to Dickens Fair too. Since I sold my costume, I will need to make a new one. I also have some fabric left from girls’ skirts so I can make them blouses and I would like to make them some cute pantaloons too. It’s a bit early to start on costumes but my brain is already ...

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DoRe Meme

CancunCanuck did this meme, I read it, but didn’t notice my name at the bottom until just now. My friend, who commented using the cute name of Strawberry PJs, which is not a tribute to Strawberry Shortcake but rather what she was wearing plus her favorite fruit, but it’s still a cute name, very retro, even if it’s retro to my kid’s generation not ours, but hey, we didn’t have any cute dolls like that. It was Barbie and that was pretty much it, Barbie had different hair colours , you bought her outfits,and if you were lucky you had a Barbie townhouse. Here goes the meme, and I promise you no more memes for at least a month, I declare April a meme free month! What are your top 3 favorite foods? Pizza, spaghetti with pesto,fried bananas Do you have a screen name and what is it? Hey! actually, I am lazy and use Theresa or Theresa in Merida ...

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Eating and living in Mèxico

I have been thinking about food a lot lately. In the most part because I am overweight and tired of it, some because I enjoy cooking and partially because I live in Mèxico where the food choices are different. I wrote this post on my cooking blog where I totally diss-ed the sandwichon. Where I went wrong is that I had forgotten that in Mèxico, sandwiches are party food, not what you normally eat for lunch. I have been to events ranging from a beauty pageant to the opening of a show at a Museum and been served ribbon sandwiches and little puffs of pastry filled with flavoured cream cheese, and thought ¨how boring”. While in reality, these little sandwiches are as novel to my new city as roll-ups and quesadillas are in some parts of the USA. Wow, funny how those cultural blinders sneak up on you! If I had been thinking things through, I would have remembered the ...

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My projects

I have been getting terribly behind in my all my projects lately. I am pretty much done with any planting until August, we are going to be gone until February and then there is going to be some construction happening. I have come to the conclusion that the albañil is that gardener’s natural enemy. I have lost so darn many plants to them. I have had escombro (debris) poured on top of my plants, cement dust burn the leaves of plants, and my pots used to mix cement, I have also had workers take naps on top of my plants. So I will have to figure out what to do with my potted plants while the roof is being repaired. Then it will be March and blazing hot, so no gardening for me. Like I said, this is it for awhile, I think. I have some sewing that I would like to do before I go, but I think I ...

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Hey, I’m famous!

No not really, but I got quoted on Viva!Vercruz! To understand what I’m talking about, please read this post . Basically it is about what I call Speaking Spanish while Gringo. Wildbill said that a very similar thing happened to him in Japan. If he wanted to talk to someone new, it was easier to start speaking from a position where the listener couldn’t see him. If they saw him first, then no matter what, they had difficulty understanding his Japanese. It’s all about expectations, someone who is inexperienced sees an Anglo face and assumes that they don’t speak Spanish. I think that is why comadre (with the world’s worst Spanish) gets understood, they don’t expect her to speak good Spanish, she doesn’t and so they get into charade mode and everyone has a good time guessing what she wants. It doesn’t happen to me, I have something else happen to me, since I am Hispanic and I came here ...

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