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Chilly not chile

It’s not exactly a cold snap but it is cooler than we are used to here. Husband suggested some hot chocolate this morning and I accepted.It’s not good when the humidity and the temperature meet in the middle. Last time I checked it was 72 degrees and 68 percent humidity.It isn’t cold enough for my winter clothes, just brisk. Too cold to swim. However, I do have a plan. Discussing how much pool exercise really makes a difference and lamenting my reluctance to brave the chilly waters of my pool at painting class, my teacher, commented that he was thinking about acquiring a wet suit.  Laugh all you want, but I think that is a brilliant idea. Now I just have to figure out where one buys such a thing. Even though I’ve bamboozled my readership into thinking I can make anything, I believe a wet suit is totally beyond my abilities, I have never even seen one except on ...

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Rina go away!

Rina,Rina go away, don’t blow and make the palms trees sway. I have plans for this weekend that don’t include mopping and sweepin’. My friends are coming to visit here So Rina please be a dear away from the pennisula you must veer.

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A Wee Spot of Rain

Nate dropped quite a bit of water on us last night, it’s almost noon and there is still water in the street. Even after draining about four inches of water out of the pool yesterday, today we have an infinity pool. Fortunately, the pool guys came so the water level is once again down below the edge. The weather forecast is for more rain and stronger winds so maybe we’ll drain more out.Our plants look wonderful, the air feels clean and it’s reasonably cool outside.I made some covers for two of our skylights, the ones with ventilation holes. Normally, a few drops of rain make their way into the air tubes but the tubes have mosquito screen and slant towards the outside which keeps most of the water on the roof. I don’t mind the occasional drop or two, yesterday, there was a bit more. So using an old shower curtain I made a cover very similar to the ones ...

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Right on schedule

The rains have returned, right on schedule. It’s officially hurricane season, which for Mérida really just means the rainy season. Hurricanes do come through, but so seldom that we don’t worry as much as we would if we lived in Cancun. Just when we are despairing of ever increasing temperatures, the afternoon showers arrive, cooling everything. All is not sunshine and roses though, our pool water turned green! I realize that this is common, a chemical reaction from the alkaline water, no acid rain in Yucatán. Fortunately, our pool service knows how to deal with the problem. He balances the chemicals, adds algaecide and the water is pristine again. Worth the 70 pesos we pay him every week. Right now, I am enjoying the weather, bring on the rain! Mr. Dog does his impression of Lassie when we are swimming and it starts to sprinkle. He runs to the water’s edge and starts back. He glances over his shoulder and ...

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The weather, the all purpose excuse.

Last night was the first night that I didn’t wake up because I was cold at 3 am, Husband had covered me with a blanket when he woke up to turn off the overhead fan. According to the thermometer it was 75 degrees when I finally got out of my hammock. I was full of energy when I woke up. No doubt it was the brisk morning air. Now it’s 3 pm and influenced, no doubt, by the fact that it’s 99 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I am sleepy and bored. Not that I don’t have lots to do, I have a couple of sewing projects, furniture to paint and papers to sort. The first two are interesting while the last, is more important.  In my present state, I doubt that I would do a good job of any of it. In my defense, I have been up and about since 6 am this morning. After feeding Mr. Dog and watering ...

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Basking in the heat

Checking the outdoor temperature this morning, I have come to the conclusion that I have been turned into an iguana. At 6:30 am, our thermometer read 80ºF and it was pleasant with a slight breeze.  Right now, an hour later, the weather gadget on Yolisto reports 77ºF, the accuweather widget on my blog reads 75ºF  feels like 78ºF,  which is what it felt like to me. Our thermometer is located on our terraza sitting on a piece of furniture (so I can pick it up and bring it close enough to read clearly without my glasses). Normally, our temperature reading is a few degrees less than the “official” reading. I just checked it still reads 80ºF however the morning sun is shining on it, I have moved it back into the shade. In a minute, I’ll recheck and see what the new reading is.What ever the temperature is, it doesn’t feel hot yet. I am getting a little sweaty, but ...

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Hace mucho calor

This comment cracked me up and served as inspiration to today’s post: Dan in NC has left a new comment on your post “Hot days, cool nights”: Theresa, ya gotta be kidding! 110F? What part of the south side of Hell don’t you recognize? Sorry but John C is probably stretching it a bit at 68F! I think that Felipe probably has the best environment for a good nights kip! Here’s hoping the rains come swiftly for you!Cheers!Dan in NC Posted by Dan in NC to ¿What do I do all day? at May 1, 2011 11:59 PM  It isn’t 110 inside the house!  Inside it may be 80, which feels pleasant though a bit draining. I have always said that Yucatan has 6 months of nice days and 6 months of nice nights, they just don’t coincide! We don’t go out and wander around in the blazing midday sun, there is a reason why Yucatan is so tranquilo. Joanna ...

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Ah, the tropics

Tuesday, Debi posted about the Dog Days of Summer. Her post got me to thinking about weather patterns and our habits. One of the hardest things for me to adapt to was the weather here. Specifically, the heat and the rain. Having spent my formative years in northern California where a Mediterranean climate means cold rains and no real heat until late July or maybe even August, it took me years to psychologically adapt to the weather patterns in the Yucatan.My sister-in-law visited Mérida in February,while waiting in Houston for her flight home she met some snowbirds. The snowbirds confided that they spent winters in Mérida and usually left in March. They felt that March was almost too late and were leaving earlier this year. I got the impression from what my SIL told me that the snowbirds felt that if March was so hot, what could summer be like? I understand why the snowbirds assumed that the summer months ...

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How to lose a kilo in one day.

My computer is dead. It stopped recognizing the keyboard and some other stuff. Not even hitting F8 can save me. Husband says that maybe someone else can pull the data off the drive for me. I am posting using an antique laptop that he restored to life by replacing the operating system with GNU.Or maybe Zenwalk? Anyway some sort of FreeBSD, I think. I don’t pretend to understand all the ins and outs, because, frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn. Waking up this morning with a sinus headache, I got smart and took an alergy pill. This year has been rough on my sinuses. Conversely, it’s been great for my plants. Monday, I was walking around the yard, feeling the warm sultry weather. It truly feels like summertime. The butterflies are flying around, we even have a hummingbird or two. It’s lovely. Discribing an area as “Land of eternal spring” seems to be common ploy on websites. That phrase ...

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Dress rehearsal for a hurricane

Remember back in May, when we had that big rainstorm? I said it was the most rain I had seen here since we moved? Last night, according to the Diario de Yucatan, we had the worst storm in eight years! “Casi tanta agua como en Isidoro” proclaims the headline. A bit of an exaggeration, since we only had 114 mm of rain, while Isidoro dropped 200 mm.  We had 55 kilometer an hour winds,  33 miles per  hour! The rain came from the south, and the wind drove it against the house. The water came inside in much larger quantities than usual, spreading to rooms where we’d never experienced flooding previously. I love having tile floors. squeegees and a shop vac! The water outside was so deep that waves caused by passing motorists pushed the sand snakes away from the gate! After the thunder and lightening abated we went up on the roof to watch the show. Husband spied a ...

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