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Over the river

Today is one of our swim nights. It’s been raining steadily for quite awhile and we would have to wade to Linda’s house in order to swim.The sand snakes have been doing their job, the amount of water that has entered the house is minimal, much less than we usually get when the water in the street is this high.This guy on the moto is just past the new grate. I can just imagine how much deeper the water would have been! He is heading the wrong way on a one way street, by the way! Before the rain started I painted some more pots. Except for the polka dot one, I discovered that I am better at making things look old, than I am at painting cutesy designs. I’ve decided that I like spray painting plastic pots much better than trying to paint them with a brush too. These aren’t all the pots that I painted but the rest ...

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Weather watching

Alex is coming, and I don’t mean Mihijo either. There is a hurricane brewing and it’s projected path will take it to Mérida on Sunday. Luckily for us, by the time it reaches here, it will have lost energy and be a tropical storm. I thought about making some more sand snakes, putting up the plexi I bought and some other precautionary methods. Waking up at 6:30am, I looked around and it was a beautiful morning. Plus, the mobile plant seller had come by yesterday. While I had decided not to go to the nursery until all the potting up was done, I bought some more plants, including another grape vine. Really, the universe wants me to have a nice garden, why else would the man have come at the very moment that I was opening my door? It was a sign!! The grape vine we have is thriving this year but not producing any fruit. The plant seller suggested ...

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Life is a bowl of cherries mangoes

This morning I woke up feeling crummy, I did manage to go grocery shopping but that was about it. Lunch was quesadillas made with nopal tortillas. I’ve been curious about them ever since I first saw them on the grocery shelf. The manufacturers claim that they are 1/3 the calories of regular tortillas plus have all sorts of health benefits, which I can’t remember now. They tasted a little bit off to me. I don’t know if it was because I don’t feel well or because the store doesn’t pull products off the shelf as diligently as I would like. It could just be that I don’t like them as well as regular corn tortillas. For dessert we had cherries! They were pretty good, at $110/kilo they had better be! I don’t remember the last time I had cherries. We used to stop at a stand on the way to Napa and buy cherry juice, now that was good stuff. ...

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Some flotsam, no jetsam…..

This rain has been incredible. Never having experienced a monsoon, I can only imagine one, but if a monsoon is worse than this, then I am glad that we didn’t retire to Thailand! After being outside for less than a minute, I was completely and totally drenched. Poor Mr. Dog had followed me outside, rain makes him anxious, so he either hides in darkest corner he can find, often under one of our desks, or he sticks like glue to us. I almost tripped over him as I stood stunned in the downpour. If I could get him to heel as closely, he would definitely win a championship in obedience! Sand snakes, are not the answer, at least not in these little flash floods we’ve been having lately. They certainly help, we have actually gotten less water inside than we normally do. They were great for the back door, and really the water that came in was driven in by ...

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Nothing new under the sun

We’ve been living in Merida for almost six years now. It isn’t all new and shiny anymore. Our house is as finished as it our finances will allow. We’re no longer remodeling, instead we’re maintaining. Yesterday was hot. Today another norte blew in so it’s cooler, less humid. Ho-hum, anther day in paradise. I am having an “am I there yet?” sort of afternoon. I need a make over. A mental tune up and a physical one. My hair looks like a raccoon is perched on my head, my only recourse seems to be putting it in a pony tail. I guess I should be happy that at least my skin looks pretty good. Maybe I need to start wearing make up again? A little lipstick can do wonders, right? I gained back 5 of the pounds that I lost before I went to California. I was down to 138 and now I’m back to 142! I guess I am ...

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another norte

Amazing, it is now cold again. I left the front windows closed all day and it never warmed up inside . It seems like forever since I have been warm.I figure that as soon as I put away the comforter, store my long sleeve shirts and Uggs we will get another norte. So we got two. At least it gives me material for my blog.

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as cold as a witch’s…..

Brrrrr…. As I type this I am wearing long pants tucked into my sheep skin lined Ugg Boots. I have on an undershirt, a long sleeve shirt and knee socks. A far cry from my usual sandals and tank tops.Then because you lose most of your heat through your head, I tied a scarf on my head ala Rhoda Morganstern. I didn’t know if I should say “arr me hardies” or find one of my floral skirts to complete the fortune teller look.I just wrote to one of my friends and said that we have six months of unbearable heat and one month of freezing cold, otherwise the Yucatan is just perfect.

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The weather is great right now. My idea of the perfect climate, cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cool again in the evening. So why don’t I move to a more temperate climate? The truth is that I hate being cold and if a place is cooler during the summer months you know it’s going to be cold in the winter. I’ll take sweating over shivering any day. This year has been exceptionally hot and humid. Early in the year I read somewhere the prediction that this was going to be a low chance of hurricane year. I thought that was wonderful, the storm wracked cities like Cancun needed a chance to recover. Of course, then there was the great flu scare which held off the tourists better than any old high wind ever did. Getting back on topic, it seems like the lack of hurricanes means lack of rain, and that means heat. Heinlein was right, TANSTAAFL ...

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The sticky ickies

Daily, I wake up with a mild headache, the sixteen ounces of water that I drank throughout the night make me head to the bathroom but other than that don’t seem to have done anything towards hydrating me. The combination of being thirsty and really,really, really needing to pee at the same time just isn’t fair. It’s the heat and humidity that’s doing it. It’s no hotter than it’s ever been,it may even be cooler than it’s been in times past but it’s just that it seems like it’s been this hot forever. Like a little drop of water that eventually carves a channel in rock, the heat is wearing me away. Unfortunately, not literally, I am no thinner than I was a month ago. I am not even losing water weight. Instead of bouncing out of bed all bright eyed and bushy tailed, I act like a teenager during finals week, I don’t want to get up. No,no,no. I ...

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Analyzing the unfathomable

What is it with Allbrook Mall? This month the number two search that readers used to find my blog is a variation of Allbrook Mall, last week I had 65 hits because of it. More than two years ago we went to Panamá on vacation and I blogged about it. I also still get comments on those posts asking questions about the mall and the stores in it.The number one search is some variation of Theresa in Mérida, or what do I do all day? with over 200 hits on that search, so I won’t be changing my theme any time soon. Lately, I have been in a funk, but I think it’s mainly been the oppressive humidity, nothing like always feeling sticky to get you down. That is fated to end now (thank goodness!). A few days ago the rains began. It seems like they are early this year and except for that first one,the rains have been reasonable. ...

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