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A humidifer? I laugh at your humidifier!

I let the orange peels sit out for 8 hours like the recipe said. They were still too moist, I rolled them in sugar and they didn’t get any drier. Fortunately, our portable oven as a dehydrator setting. I put half the batch in the convection oven on dehydrate for three hours, occasionally turning them around with tongs. They look ever so much better. So I know for next time to put them in the oven to dry rather than trying to have them air dry.According to something I read online (I can’t remember where) we average 72% humidity, no wonder my citrus peel didn’t want to dry. Now you know why I don’t need a humidifier!

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The rains are back!

The rain, the rain! I see the rain! Nothing like a tropical rainstorm. I love it! We have had quite a down pour, it started in the morning and lasted for about an hour. That was perfect. Then it started drizzling. Just about an hour ago,the heavy rains started again. I am starting to get concerned. Hopefully, the cooler weather has come, it was 28ºC this afternoon, just a little above “room temperature¨, a bit too brisk for me normally but very welcome after so many days of over 40ºC. Mr. Dog has a hair cut scheduled on Wednesday, I wonder if having your dog shaved makes it rain like washing your car or hanging out towels does? I have no idea what is going on with Chac mool, we haven’t been having our daily cooling rains that should have started in July. My theory is that Hurakan has been stealing the rain. Hurakan is the name of the Mayan ...

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Here comes Gustav!

Amazing the accuweather has us all sunny and warm for the next few days but tropical storm Gustav got upgraded to a hurricane and is headed in our general direction! Right now, it looks like it will not hit us but just provide us with some rain. Of course, that can change at any time.We might have a cat, last night I spotted a black and white tuxedo kitten in the terraza. He was heading for the bag of dog food. I left some out for him, and he came back and ate it.I have no idea how a kitten, who looks to be about 3 months old, ended up in our yard. We have 9 foot walls all around. So last night I hung out on the terraza and watched kitty, he would come eat a little, see me move and dash off again. Then when I wasn’t looking,I heard a splash! Kitty, who I am now calling Chuey ...

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Hurray! Dolly was a bust!

Dolly decided to bypass us! We had rain off and on all day, but nothing out of the ordinary! Yippee!We are safe until the next near miss. It has been explained to me that Mérida because of it’s location is usually safe from most hurricanes. The last two to hit, were Gilberto and Isadoro,since we have been here there has been one close call but no hits. I have living through a hurricane on my things I am not interested in experiencing list.

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It’s raining

Rainy Day PoemThe rain started,I don’t know how long it will stay,but it’s nice so far. I like it when it rains here, it rains for a little while and everything cools off. There are great thunder storms too,but Mr. Dog hates those. He hides under the kitchen counter or in the bathroom.On the down side it usually rains as soon as my clothes on the line are fully dry. The day that the rains started, we got the clothes off the line before the rain fell but forgot that we had left the pillows out to sun. It took them two days to get totally dry, even after vigorous squishing.I also forgot that I had left the hose on for an hour” to really water the bananas well”,I guess it could have been much worse, I did remember to turn it off on the same day as I turned it on. I looked pretty silly, I was quietly sitting, ...

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Experiments with heat

Curious as to how much cooler the interior of our house is compared to outside, I positioned the thermometer/clock outside in the sun, yesterday at 1:20pm which I assume is the hottest part of the day. In direct sunlight at ground level, the temperature reached a scorching 110 degrees Fahrenheit. I announced this discovery to Husband, who explained to me that temperatures are normally taken in the shade or semi-shade. So out I trotted instrument in hand and remeasured. This time the readout was a mere 99 degrees. I then brought the digital clock/thermometer inside. I carefully placed it in the exact center of the house. Inside the house it is a whole 10 degrees cooler! I’m sure that it’s hotter in the office and cooler in the library, and of course having the fans on makes a big difference.I’m sure you are thinking 89 degrees, hades! that’s warm! But remember,after living here for 4 years, I find 72 degrees ...

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Weather report

Midday today, I glanced at the temperature in Mérida, I assume it´s taken taken at the airport which is close enough for me. It was 106º F but the humidity was in the low 20s, about an hour ago I glanced at the same weather report. ¨Wow! Hey, Honey it´s only 102ºF now! but the humidity has gone up to the 30s¨I just glanced again was relieved to see it was under 100ºF, it is now only 99ºF but the humidity is 35%. I thought it was little warm today. I´m not sure that I can really tell the difference between 106º and 102º, but I think I feel cooler now, and that is all that counts. I ought to get an thermometer for inside and see what the difference is.

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I am so cold, I have on a sweater and long pants and socks! It is something like 66ºF, that is cold! I had a manicure and pedicure today, Socco comes to the house and charges $120 for both, which I think is a great deal. She always calls to confirm and is on time. Today, she was late, my appointment was for 8:30 am, and she showed up at 9:00, it was raining and she missed her bus. The Reforma bus doesn’t come as often as the bus that stops in front of my house, so she ended up waiting in the rain for the next bus. Normally, waiting in the rain here isn’t that big a hardship, it rains hard and furious but it’s warm out and everything is dry in 20 minutes. This rain was drizzly and cold, very unYucatecan.Of course, we have no heat. So we’re bundled up and drinking hot tea all day. Husband bought ...

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Rainy day people

It’s hard to blog about what I have been doing since I haven’t been doing anything! We got sick again on New Year’s Day. Some nasty stomach thing, Husband ran a bottle of champagne across the street with our regrets. And really, we like the parties they have across the street. It’s been cold lately, windy and rainy! We actually closed all the doors and windows last night, and still woke up to leaves in the house! This is not the rainy season, but we now know that the dry well we had made works perfectly well. If it rains a lot the water was entering the back door, it wasn’t draining as fast as it was pouring down, so we had a hole dug, about 3 feet by 2 feet down to bedrock, which is about 2 1/2 feet in front of the back door, we then filled it with rock and gravel. We had the ironmonger out to ...

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A busy day in our life

Today was a busy day for us. Now busy is very different in this phase of my life. I got out of bed at 7:00 am and wandered into the kitchen. My husband who gets up at some ungodly hour, handed me a cup of coffee and commented on the fact that I was awake. We watched the news while we ate granola. Since we have chosen not to have cable or satellite we have the choice of about 3 stations, one gives the news from Mexico and the other is local. In general use, the people here refer to Mexico City as Mexico or DF (districto federal). I’ll explain all that another time. The big news is that California is on fire. The anchors had a conversation about the fact that they keep building houses of wood in California rather than make them out of cement which wouldn’t burn. They were very confused about it. Obviously, they forgot about ...

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