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So much to do in Merida this week

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. As in physics, as in life. It’s difficult to overcome inertia.We get comfortable at home and don’t venture out. Resolving to nip this problem in the bud before it becomes too deeply engrained a habit, I checked out the events schedules on Yucatan Today and Yucatan Living’s websites. The classical guitar concert at the Peon Contreras looks interesting, 8pm isn’t too late. We are not night owls and many events start at 9pm or later. I suggested to Husband that we go tonight and Sunday. Like many events in Merida, it’s free. This morning at 11 am,MELL has a talk on self publishing an e-book. Husband agreed to walk to the library with me. He’ll look at books while I learn about e-publishing. Afterwards, we are going out to lunch. There is a new vegetarian restaurant called Dafnis near the Parque Santa Ana  which is a possibility. I also keep walking ...

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Wandering off the path

Husband likes mole, me not so much. However, I do like to do things for Husband, so I bought a jar of mole.No where on the jar could I find instructions or a recipe. Hoping for the best,I dumped the entire jar over a package of boneless,skinless chicken breasts in the slow cooker. It looked more like nutella than sauce. Reasoning that the sauce melted or combined with the moisture from the meat, I set the pot on low and went about my business. Not feeling totally confident, after an hour, I checked on it, and decided that maybe some hot water would help. My friend and I had made a commitment to go to Santa Elena, so off we went. Husband had chicken mole pending, white rice already prepared all he needed to do was assemble a salad. Apparently, that is not the way to make mole. My after the fact internet search reveals that the correct proportion is ...

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Enchilada sauce

Enchilada Sauce 4 large cloves of garlic, unpeeled 4 medium dried chiles guajillo, stemmed, seeds and deveined 6 medium dried chiles anchos , stemmed, seeds and deveined 1/4 teaspoon black peppercorns 1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds 2 cups any poultry broth (plus extra if needed) 1 teaspoon salt Sugar, a big pinch if needed Heat a heavy skillet or griddle over medium heat, lay the garlic on one side to roast. Tear the chiles into flat pieces and a few at a time, press them against the hot surface with metal spatula, flip them over and press again., you’ll hear them crackle and see them blister and change colour. Remove to a bowl, cover with boiling water, weight down with a plate to keep them submerged, and soak for at least an hour, preferably 2 or 3. Turn the garlic frequently for 15 minutes or so, until blackened a little and soft within. Remove, cool,peel and place in a blender jar. ...

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Gastronomìa Mexicana 2.0

I just found this great cooking blog for Mexican food, Gastronomìa Mexicana 2.0 written by a Yucatecan named Elizabeth. It doesn’t have a lot of recipes in spite of having been around since 2006. It’s also written in Spanish which may be a problem for some of you. What makes it worthwhile is that the cooking directions are well done with step by step instructions and clear photos.There is a recipe for Spaguetti Verde a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Green Spaghetti). When our neighbor’s 16 year old son had to cook dinner to pay off a bet, Spaguetti Verde is what he made using chile poblanos. Check it out, it will give you something different to cook when you are in a hurry.She has a recipe for Jalisco style Pozole which I am planning on trying out soon.If you have a sweet tooth there is also a recipe for Pastel de Nutela (Nutella Cake). Nutella is big here in Yucatan, ...

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There’s a whole lot of splattering going on!

I reset the posting to 8 posts, which is more or less 8 days if I post daily. But the poll runs for 6 days, and I’ll go with the majority of votes. Also if you are interested, there is subscribe to this feed button at the bottom of the post column. La Maestra often has get togethers at her house. We went to one where she served pozole, I seem to remember that she served 3 kinds, but besides red and green what kinds are there? I can’t remember. Basically, pozole is hominy soup. I see hominy for pozole in cans and in the freezer section of the supermarket in addition to the dried hominy. So how complicated can soup be? My stove top is now green, my shirt is splattered with green and I have little burns on my arms. I seem to have misunderstood exactly how to do this, or I missed a step. How did this ...

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