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Internet woes

I don’t know if it is my computer itself and it’s operating system or the fact that it is the Christmas Holidays, but our DSL has been awful the last few days. I am of the opinion that every Meridian schoolchild with some time and money on their hands is clogging up the virtual arteries of the net. Rather than continue on in this non-productive mode, I have something to say! Really, I have been pondering what Eddy Willers said in the comments section “Well written and highly pertinent to the issue of trust in Mexican culture.It seems that people will tell you what they think you wish to hear in order to avoid any kind of confrontation. This seems to be done on the basis that as one cannot trust that the other’s reaction will be rational, consistent, fair or just then it is better to avoid such negativity in the first place.Add a spicy dash of Roman law ...

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