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Eating and living in Mèxico

I have been thinking about food a lot lately. In the most part because I am overweight and tired of it, some because I enjoy cooking and partially because I live in Mèxico where the food choices are different. I wrote this post on my cooking blog where I totally diss-ed the sandwichon. Where I went wrong is that I had forgotten that in Mèxico, sandwiches are party food, not what you normally eat for lunch. I have been to events ranging from a beauty pageant to the opening of a show at a Museum and been served ribbon sandwiches and little puffs of pastry filled with flavoured cream cheese, and thought ¨how boring”. While in reality, these little sandwiches are as novel to my new city as roll-ups and quesadillas are in some parts of the USA. Wow, funny how those cultural blinders sneak up on you! If I had been thinking things through, I would have remembered the ...

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