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Debi and Tom are heading back NOB, several of our friends and acquaintances have done the same over the years. Others are in the process of moving away. Why does it seem especially poignant when someone repatriates (returns to their home country)? In our fluid society, people move all the time. The average American moves 12 times in their life, according to the U.S. Census Bureau- I’ve used up someone else’s moves because I’ve moved too many times to count (I’ve lived in 5 states and 3 countries)- just in California, I’ve moved over 12 times! Every move had a reason behind it, fire, flood, marriage, divorce, buying a house, selling a house, and because the people I lived with moved. South of Zero, a blog about moving to Ecuador, wrote Why Are So Many Expats Leaving Ecuador? which pretty much covers the reasons people give. What no one seems to talk about is that sometimes people just like to move ...

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Exile or Expat?

Simple economics made us chose Mexico as our retirement home. It has never been my dream to live in Mexico. My dream has always been a hobby farm somewhere in the countryside. After reviewing all our possibilities and realistically looking at our resources, we picked Mexico. I told Husband that I would feel less like a foreigner in Mexico than I would in Missouri. No insult to my friends from Missouri, but there aren’t too many Cubans there. I mention Missouri because I was terribly tempted by the idea of buying an abandoned farm there. I like it here, I love my life, I like my neighbors, I am glad that we ended up here. Sometimes you chose to do something because of one reason, such as move to Mexico because of economics and find that it was the best choice for so many other unconsidered reasons. I also think it helps when it is a choice, I don’t see ...

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A word to the wise

I just read this piece of advice. I wish that I had received it and more importantly followed it when we first came here. Before you need one, get the name of a good attorney and a good doctor, then investigate them. If you should ever need one, you won’t have the luxury of shopping around. I might also add that the attorneys on the list provided by the American Consulate are on that list because they have expressed a desire to work with Americans, not because the Consulate is recommending them. There is an ancient Chinese curse that goes “May you live in interesting times”. My times are indeed interesting.

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