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The 5 stages of buying a house in Merida

Several years ago, when Husband and I were new to Ex-pat life, he came across Culture Shock for Australian Ex-pats in America. It’s a good read and many of the stages are similar to what American Ex-pats in México go through. Here in Mérida we see people in the various stages, it’s recognizable, we’ve been there too. I think that there are the five stages of buying a house in Merida too. The search for the perfect house. This portion often takes place online. Real estate websites are poured over daily. The NSA probably doesn’t review satellite photos with the same intensity and attention to detail. A future ex-pat on a house hunt is a determined being. The house is chosen and purchased, often, sight unseen. Sometimes the house is even bought online, but that is a special sort of madness reserved for the true believers.This is also a learning experience for the new ex-pat. Compra-Venta contracts, notarios, fidicomiso, and ...

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