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A Long Doggie Tale

We saved Mr. Dog’s life by adopting him when we did. Two days after bringing him home,he had a gran mal epileptic seizure. We had just moved into our Santa Rosa home a week prior and I still had unpacking to do. Mr. Dog started acting oddly, blindly staggering into boxes, walking in circles, finally falling down into a full fledged gran mal. Fortunately for him, I knew what I was looking at. If the seizure had happened when he was incarcerated in the pound, they never would have put him up for adoption. Our vet prescribed phenobarbital and eventually we had his seizures under control. Then he started getting hot spots and losing hair! Serendipitously, one of the patients at the clinic I worked for, breeds Tibetan Terriers. She said that TTs are notoriously allergic to wheat and suggested a lamb and rice dog food for him. The office manager fed her prize Yorkies a raw diet, but I ...

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The sad decline of Mr. Dog

I’m distracted by Mr. Dog and his rapid decline, but I can’t do anything about it. He was up all night, rearranging our service porch. He managed to knock a sheet of plywood down and then tracked poop all through the house. I can’t get mad, it just makes me incredibly sad. There is nothing that can be done. He is at least 16 years old and has lived a wonderful and interesting life. I can only guess what his life was like before we adopted him, but I can’t imagine him having been mistreated, his personality is too sweet. Thirteen years ago, I wanted a dog, Husband grudgingly agreed. My rounds of shelters and city pounds began, as I searched for a dog that fit my criteria. After the first couple of rounds, Husband took to waiting in the car, he couldn’t face all those  sad dogs, cats and puppies without wanting to take them home. Several candidate canines ...

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Where does the time go?

I noticed on another blog’s blogroll that it’s been six days since I last posted here. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m sure that I wrote a blog post just the other day. One of the problems with being retired is losing track of time. Here it is 2013 and I am just flabbergasted. The last couple of days have been sultry, after a small cold snap in October (?), it’s been warm weather every day. The water in the pool is too cool for my taste, but last Saturday I did sit on the steps and dip my feet. It’s also been the worst year for mosquitos that I can remember. Right now I am wearing flipflops and a sleeveless shift, the overhead fan is moving air around so it’s pleasant enough. If it wasn’t for the mosquitos I would be outside, but then again, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. With this blast of warmth, ...

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like cats and dogs

Sitting as close to Husband as is possible, Mr.Dog is paying attention to the weather. As he’s aged, the thunder bothers him less. He doesn’t much like the patter of raindrops, retreating to a room with out a sky light when they get too loud. Mr. Dog’s world is getting smaller, as I’ve written before, he is getting old. I say he’s one hundred and five in dog years,fifteen in human years,I calculated his age using a complicated system based on folklore and wag . You can’t beat WAG when telling a tale about dogs. He’s happy and looks good, and still chasing cats. We have a new cat. I started calling him, Captain Midnight, when he got into the trash, he acquired the additional name of  the Prince of Darkness. He’s not really our cat, but he seems to live here now. I don’t even know if he is really a he. He’s sleek and black and a fierce ...

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computer crash

Coming home from shopping earlier this week, I found that Mr. Dog celebrated his 15th birthday by having a party and crashing my notebook computer. Normally, I use the most common form of back up, i.e. none. Having gotten my own itsy bitsy thumb drive last week, it’s so small it’s more of a fingernail drive rather than an entire thumb, I had copied my files. Serendipitously, the day before the big crash,  I had copied my photos. Getting wrapped up in surfing the net is not a new problem, Mr. Dog gave it his own personal twist. Occasionally, he gets stuck in corners. I think that is what happened. We were out and he found himself stuck in the corner and somehow wrapped the power cord around himself. Normally, the cord is out of the way and not accessible to him. However, La Muchacha sometimes rearranges our furniture when she cleans, which she had done this time, removing a ...

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How things have changed

Living here close on eight years we’ve seen a lot of changes. Most of the changes have been superficial. Lots of clean up and sprucing up of the city, La Ermita, San Sebastián, La Plaza de La Independencia have all had face lifts. New stores have come in Pacsadeli comes to mind first, then Superama. Chedraui Itzaes (where we do the bulk of our shopping) got cleaned up when Bodega  Aurrera  opened a store on  Avenida Itzaes. Costco, Sam’s Club,Home and Office Depot  were already here before us. We remember when Gran Plaza Mall was the modern place to shop, now there’s City Center, Las Galerias and of course, Alta Brisa. I’m sure that I am leaving out some other mall but I don’t get out much. Star Medica arrived, so Clinica de Mérida got a face lift to compete with them. Mérida also is now home to the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de la Península de Yucatán. Medical ...

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No I haven’t actually been speechless, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything really interesting to write about. My phone crisis has been resolved, the phone works but the screen gets fuzzy after a few minutes. I blame the blow dryer. My sim card is safely enthroned in Husband’s cell phone and his is waiting for a new home. The weather has been variable, from warm to drizzly. Nothing remarkable. I went to the State Fair, but only to shop with BK. I bought 3 sizes of tiny dishes to add to my collection.I suspect that they are made for kids to play with. However, I use them for holding pre-measured ingredients when cooking, to hold our morning vitamins and for condiments when I serve Indian food. My guess is that the smallest ones hold a couple of tablespoons and the largest one half a cup, very handy to have around. I want to go back with ...

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Aging in Mérida

Senility has raised it’s head in our household. Mr. Dog is getting old. He has lived more than half of his fourteen years in the Yucatan. Lately, he gets confused easily, sometimes he forgets which doors open inward and which lead out, to the detriment of our screens. His legs sometimes betray him, they clip obstacles which just a year ago he would have leapt gracefully over. There’s an occasional tremor in his rear legs, an instability when going down stairs.We suspect that Mr. Dog’s vision is failing too. Playing with his favorite squeaky toy, he cannot locate it when it gets too far away. Sometimes, he seems to forget that he already ate dinner, though that may just be his dog nature manifesting itself. He sleeps more these days. At 9:30 pm he gets up from his nap and heads for the bedroom. Glancing back at us, asking if we’re coming, he sits in front of the bedroom door ...

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Mr Dog’s vices cat(ch) up with him

Acting on a hunch, we took a stool sample to the Vet’s today. Mr Dog has at least 3 kinds of worms. One,toxoplamosis  is directly connected to his disgusting habit of consuming cat feces. Normally, I wouldn’t be happy to hear that my dog is riddled with lumbricus vermin. The silver lining to this cloud is that his epileptic seizure may have been a result of this invasion, rather than a relapse. The doctor commented that not all seizures are from epilepsy.  So he has been wormed, Sugar will be wormed as soon as we can catch her, this evening. The Vet suggested putting her in a zalbucan (plastic mesh shopping bag) with only her head sticking out in order to administer the liquid medication. This promises to be a memorable experience for all. Mr. Dog already has been dosed with the liquid at the Vet’s. He also was prescribed another vermicide  in the form of four pills taken two ...

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Resolved, maybe.

Discussing Mr Dog’s medical issues yesterday,I told a friend that I felt like I had Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, but I am hoping that we can put all the worries behind us now. The last couple of days he has been his old self in the morning but run down in the evening. A light bulb went on in my head when we were discussing his diet. Until I started making his food, Mr Dog was eating on demand, a euphemism for a perpetually full bowl of dry dog food, in effect he was having several smaller meals through out the day. When I changed him to homemade food, he started getting measured amounts of food twice a day instead. Now he is getting feed breakfast, a snack at lunchtime, dinner and a snack before bed. That should keep his blood sugar in control and he can go back to his regular life of chasing cats and napping.  Speaking of ...

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