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Home ultrasounds, only in Mexico.

The  dog tail  tale continues. This morning a doctor came to my house and gave Mr. Dog an ultrasound. Not a veterinarian but an MD, who specializes in doing portable ultrasounds. He showed up on time, maybe even a little early, for his eight am appointment. He was professional and gentle with Mr. Dog. Mr. Dog in turn, was well behaved and only complained a little when I flipped him over on his back to expose his belly to the scanner. The little printer spit out some photos and I paid the doctor $300, less than 25 USD. I cannot imagine what it would have cost NOB. Yesterday, Mr. Dog had a fasting glucose test. If I ever need to have one, I want our vet to do the blood draw. Being shaved to create a sterile spot annoyed Mr. Dog more than the actual blood draw. Instead of being diabetic, Mr. Dog had a fasting sugar level of 77 ...

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Things Improve

My  blog titles recently sound like chapter headings from a Victorian novel or a silent film. Mr Dog seems much improved, his glands are still swollen but he seems less confused and a bit more coordinated. I changed his food formula to cooked beef liver,  raw carrots, ground flax seed, ground sesame seed, ground sunflower seed and chia seed. I found chia seed at the Comer downstairs in Gran Plaza for $100 pesos a kilo in the bulk bins. I am hoping all the omega 3 and vitamin E will help his recovery. I wish I had a way to confirm my ideas. Also we’ve been grinding up a quarter of a Centrum Silver Vitamin (actually the Kirkland equivalent) and sprinkling it on his morning food  as a suplement, I got that idea from a breeder’s website. This is just a temporary measure, eventually I’ll go back to 1/3 meat, 1/3 veggies and the final 1/3 rice. We’re thinking of ...

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tough times

This has been a rough week. As is usual with life, there have been some good mixed in with the bad. We met a nice couple and their dog from New Mexico and had breakfast with them on Sunday at the Pendulum. Absentmindedly petting Mr Dog, I noticed that he had a lump on his flank. Of course, I immediately assumed the worse, after calming myself, I decided it felt like a hernia. Later, at home, as I showed Husband, I noticed another twin lump mirroring the first. We canceled the albañiles and headed for the vet’s first thing Monday morning. Mr Dog had swollen ganglios, from an infection of some sort. Suspecting  the tick infestation from last month the vet drew blood. However, the test for heart worm, Canine ehrlichiosis, and something else which I forget the name of returned negative results. The vet prescribed prednisone, advising us to watch Mr Dog and either return in ten days for ...

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Garapatas, cute name for a store?

There is a chain of woman’s clothing stores, (or is it shoe stores?) called “Garapatas”, which means ticks. The first time I saw the sign, I thought that is a weird choice for a store name.Fat bloated blood filled insects are not my idea of a fashion forward image. Maybe I am not hip enough to understand or else something is missing in the translation.Ticks creep me out, which is why we’ve always used Frontline on Mr. Dog until about a 6 months ago. I decided to stop because Mr dog doesn’t run through tall grass or hang out in places where he could get ticks. I thought maybe it would be better for him not to be absorbing any chemicals if it wasn’t necessary. Imagine my horror when we discovered ticks in his ears. We’d been out of town and so Mr Dog stayed with our friends. While he was off living the life of Riley, a new cat ...

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Mr Dog falls down on the job.

Mr. Dog is in charge of intruder alerts, running off cats and iguanas and making sure that horses know that they aren’t supposed to drive down our street. Mr. Dog especially likes to chase cats, he doesn’t want to catch them, he likes to run them off the property. Sometimes when we are feeling bratty, we’ll tell Mr. Dog that there is a cat on the wall when there isn’t one. He gets all excited, runs up and down the stairs, looks in all the usual places and returns to be praised for a job well done. It’s all good fun. Today, while I was getting my mani-pedi a new cat came walking along the cat highway. Mr. Dog was caught snoozing. I should have let sleeping dogs lie, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to point the intruder out.“There’s a cat!” Mr. Dog perks up and looks under the love seat.“No, go up the stairs, look over the fountain!” ...

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I venture out to restock the shelves

Our refrigerator was looking pretty bare and Mr Dog was out of food so we went to Chedraui to shop today. Normally, I shop on Wednesday, it’s the day that veggies are on sale. I couldn’t believe how much better the produce looked today. According to my mypyramid tracker, I don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables! If I don’t eat enough, wow, what does the average person eat? I was a woman on a mission, I even made a grocery list! More fruits and vegetables for this girl and her man. The prices were good, not door busting good but reasonable.I bought an enormous head of cauliflower for $9.90 and tomatoes were only $6.60 a kilo. Those savings were canceled when I couldn’t resist indulging in plums and strawberries. Seriously paying $40.00 something a kilo for the plums did give me pause even if I only got four. To be honest, I am not sure which were more expensive the ...

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Announcing “The Mr Dog Blog”

Announcing “The Mr Dog Blog”, naw, just kidding. I barely keep up with the blogs I have. However, I do want to announce that Mr Dog is loving his new food. I want to thank everyone who gave me suggestions.My comadre, ChicaFeliz is in town. That means that I am getting out and about more than usual. Last night, we went to a free violin and piano concert at UADY. Tonight we’re off to a birthday party (okay, that doesn’t really count since Husband and I were already set to go), and next week we’ll check out the Russian Ballet.The water reservoir on our car sprung a leak. Plastic and hot weather just don’t go together. Husband and I patched it, we’ll know tomorrow if we succeeded, the glue needs 24 hours to cure. We replaced it a few years back, unfortunately, the mechanic put in a 2002 model and our car is a 1997, he didn’t ask or we ...

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Home cooking

Mr Dog thinks he died and woke up in Paradise. Finally, after nine years of trying to get across to us that he is not a dog, and therefore should not have to eat dog food, I have started to make his food from scratch. My mom used to cook lamb and rice for my sister’s collie. My parents had a freezer full of mutton and lamb, since they had sheep. The collie had food allergies and in those days there weren’t any special diet dog foods. The irony of feeding lamb to a sheep herding dog is not lost on me. Many of my friends started making their own dog food when all the contaminated gluten dog food hit the market. Mr Dog is allergic to wheat so I wasn’t really worried about the gluten. When we first moved here the only wheat free dog food available was Royal Canin, eventually Lamb & Rice became available at Costco for ...

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Movie star lookalike

It’s been warm lately. I think it’s been in the low hundreds, I try not to look at the weather. Somehow knowing the temperature makes experiencing it much worse. The mobile groomers called me, yes, that is not a typo, they called me and asked if Mr Dog needed a clip. I haven’t decided what his grooming schedule should be, maybe every 3 weeks in this heat. I told them to clip him short. They decided to let him keep some hair on his head.Now he looks like Falkor, the luck dragon from The Never Ending Story.

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wat cha doing?

Remember your kids asking you that? Wat cha doing? Can I do it too?I have been doing stuff like walking,gardening and reading. Husband and I decided to do more walking for errands than we had been doing previously. So Monday, we walked to the pharmacy, which is normal but we added a side trip to the Mercado Galvéz for produce. When I bragged to La Muchacha that I got tomatoes for $5.50 a kilo she smiled and said that she managed to get them for $5! I also asked her what the current price was on espelon. I was going to buy some and try them out, espelon is a relative of black eyed peas and is actually grown here. The vendor wanted $25.00 a bundle. I was so set back that I didn’t even bargain, just expressed my thanks and hustled off. Husband said that he thought that might have been the gringo price. La Muchacha was shocked too, ...

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