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Mr Dog’s Big Adventure

Sunday we took Mr. Dog to the dog play date.That’s him with his poodle disguise on. The groomer will cut him however I want as long as I want either a schnauzer cut or a poodle cut, this time he came home looking like a poodle. If you look carefully in the left hand corner you will see two of the best behaved little chihuahuas I have ever met. It’s not an official dog park, but rather a vacant lot that belongs to a generous expat with dogs of her own. It takes place every Sunday, from 7:30am to around 10:00 am everyone is welcome to bring their dog. It’s located on Calle 75 between 62 and 64.This is our third time to attend. As you can see the humans sit and chat and the dogs socialize too. I love this photo of the bigger dogs romping in the leaves. Don’t they look totally happy?Husband and I are getting too ...

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Anything but no.

I have the classic story about Mexicans not wanting to give bad news. We have a dog, and because of him we chose to drive down rather than fly. Now Mr. Dog isn’t very big, but he isn’t a lapdog either (much to his dismay), he is about the size of a Brittanny Spaniel and weighs approxiamately 40 pounds. (18 kilos mas or menos, to you metric fans). Anyway, it’s not like I can tuck him into my purse and sneak him in somewhere. So we had been driving and it was getting dark, we were getting tired (except Mr. Dog because he had been napping) we decided to get a hotel room. So we went into this hotel lobby with our dog on his leash (I can’t even remember the name of the town or the hotel), I asked if they had a room available and were dogs allowed? pointing to Mr. Dog who did his best to appear ...

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