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2013 goals

Resolutions just aren’t my style.  However, the longer I live the more I believe in setting goals. My rules for goal setting are simple. They must be clearly defined,such as lose thirty pound, not lose weight. A time frame needs to be decided, lose thirty pounds in six months. They have to be ambitious but attainable, because even if I don’t lose all thirty pounds I am likely to lose twenty or twenty five even if I quit midstream. So I decided to revisit some of my previous posts and see how I’ve done in the past. Here is my 60 before 60 list, that I posted in May and have since forgotten about. (Note to self, print out list and post where I see it daily). Rereading this list, I some of these need to be re-written, I’ve changed the ink to blue on those. Cleaning out my closet. Go through my drawers, all of them not just clothing ...

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30 before 30? 60 before 60? Giant to-do list?

Having seen several blogs written by young(er) people listing thirty things they want to accomplish in the thirty days before their thirtieth birthday, I am inspired. Not that I am going to be 60 for a couple of years yet, but I do have some uncompleted projects laying about that I want to finish this year. This list is in no way in order of priority.It’s a personal list and while I do want to go to France, stuff like that isn’t on this list.Some of these items should probably be split into more items. Cleaning out my closet. (almost done) Go through my drawers, all of them not just clothing drawers. Organizing my clothes by color (also almost done) Repair and alter clothes that need repairing and altering (hmmm, this may be an ongoing project, does it really belong on this list?) Finish painting the blue wooden loveseat Make slip covers for beige love seat Make slip cover for ...

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recreating from scratch

Re-creating, recreation, that is the theme for today. I got my computer back yesterday, the technician backed up all my files that weren’t applications, so in theory I still have all my photos and files. You no doubt noticed that qualifying in theory, because I haven’t figured out where they are hiding. I have looked but no luck so far. Then I also lost all my bookmarks, which made me realize that my blog roll is not up to date. My to-do list is growing. On the re-creation theme, I am intrigued by alternative energy and housing. My longtime dream was to be self-sufficient, I wanted a small homestead and an energy efficient home. The Earthship concept fascinates me, but what I really love are underground houses. Cob houses which look like Hobbit houses are my favorite. Sadly, none of those techniques are really appropriate for where we live.They depend upon a resource that is scarce here, soil! The only ...

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