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Not an everyday walk in the park

My friend, Cherie Pettillo, sent me this video link. It made me smile, especially the eyes glowing in the dark. I hope it makes you smile too! The music is cheery too. Also if you aren’t already reading her weekly column in the Yucatan Times, you really should check it out! This week’s column can be read here. In addition to Cherie,I am very fortunate to be able to count among my friends some absolutely awesome and inspiring women. Two of which just had books published recently! Dr. B, Lorraine Baillie Bowie,Ph.D., just released a new book, the first in a series,The Science of Finding Love That Lasts! It is so insightful that I wish I could buy everyone I know a copy. Maryetta Ackenbom, who has had many short stories published, just came out with her first full length novel, Georgia’s Hope. Writing like Maryetta’s doesn’t happen by accident, she is a master of her craft and this novel is fabulous!  After ...

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Clearing the deck for action

Five black tank tops! I had five black tank tops! BK came over and I modeled my wardrobe for her. Some of my favorites ended up in the discard pile, too big or unflattering, victims of my unwillingness to invest the time and energy to completely remake them. Even if they no longer serve me I have a hard time letting go of things. The alterations pile was plenty deep, fortunately most of it was quickly dispatched. Elastic was replaced in one pair of pants and three skirts,while another pair of pants and a dress were combined to make a skirt, several tops received either shoulder darts or seaming up the back. The waistband of pair of dress shorts was taken in too. The last time I wore the shorts, the weight of my  house keys, cellphone, and overladen change purse combined to drag the pants lower on my body than I was comfortable with. When I discovered that I ...

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Ya’ll come! Book Signing! March 13th!

I got so deep into my mope that I forgot about some exciting news! The Merida Writers’ Group is having a book signing at the beach! Our Yucatan: Tales and Poems, Mostly True, But Laced With Artistic License , will be available at a special price of $120 mxn (normally $150mxn). I hope that you will come to say hello and buy a copy or two of our book. It’s a perfect present to take back to your pet sitter, in-laws and who ever else you want to buy a gift. In this case, one size does fit all and since it’s an anthology there is a story for everyone’s tastes. “This book is sure to become a classic !” – C.M. Mayo BOOK SIGNING MEET THE AUTHORS WEDNESDAY,MAR. 13, 1 TO 3 PM COSTA BRAVA CONDOS CALLE 19 #194, CHICXULUB INFO: lg5050 at hotmail dot com Go into Progresso heading toward the malecon. At Calle 27, turn right and ...

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book deal?

You all know about my giving up grains and the great results that I’ve achieved. I have written 36 posts about diet and health. While that isn’t even 1% of my total content, it is one of my top non-Mexico themes. However, I haven’t wanted to start preaching about it and drive you away.  I have been fooling around with writing a book regarding my personal journey towards health and fitness. I use the the phrase fooling around because while I have written an outline and some of the chapters, I haven’t buckled down and written the book.Examining my motives, I realized that I just really want to get the word out. Like most people who discover a good thing, I feel the need to share it. So rather than writing a book, I am converting my cooking blog into a blog about Being Grain Free in the land of the Tortilla. I’m excited about the idea. Later, I may ...

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Psst wanna read a good book?

As I am sure you read on Joanna’s blog, the Merida Writer’s Group has put together an anthology. I am pleased and proud to announce,Our Yucatan: Tales and Poems, Mostly True, But Laced With Artistic License is now available on Amazon as an e-book. I feel very proud to be included in this anthology as both a writer and illustrator. Most of the illustrations were done by Greenwood but I did two very simple ones and am inordinately excited that they are in the book. I would take it as a personal favor if you bought our book and then went the extra step to write a review on Amazon. Getting favorable reviews is a big help to us and I sincerely appreciate you doing it.

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Time for More Griselda

I wrote this post in Word and uploaded it to the blog! This is the first time I’ve done this. Somehow my font changed midstream, but I will get that figured out for next time.Here is a new Griselda story.Fuzzy Slippers & Fennel Watching movies with her sisters on Sunday mornings was one of Griselda’s favorite things. Mommy and Daddy liked to sleep in until eight on Sundays. Ever since the waffle incident, the girls weren’t supposed to cook without supervision. EldaElda was almost 16 but she hated to cook so the rule suited her just fine. Finelda liked to cook and Griselda liked to bake, but Finelda was only 9 and Griselda was 4 so they knew that there was no way Mommy was going to let them alone in the kitchen. Making popcorn in the air popper was allowed, so the girls would watch a movie and eat popcorn until Mommy got up. Griselda draped herself across the ...

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Another tale of a different sort

As you probably remember, I am writing a book for my granddaughter(s). It’s a collection of short stories about a little witch named Griselda who has magic shoes. When she says the words “splish splosh” she transforms into an animal. The words “shoes undo” turns her back into her normal form.Putting it all in Black and White was the first in the series. Now that I have written a few more, I’ve decided on also adding a recipe or activity to each story so La Primera and las nietas can do them together. Because even though these stories are for little NFN, I am sure La Primera will read them to her stepdaughters too.Even though these stories were originally made up for Mihijo, who is 10 years younger than La Primera, she is the one who remembers them and asked me to write them down. So here is: Here Kitty Kitty On the prowl, Griselda poked her head through the ...

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Putting it all in black and white

I am a big fan of support groups, there is something about sharing similar problems with other people that makes things easier. Not all groups are created equal and I am not just talking about 12 step programs. I’m not really a joiner but because I already have enough half finished projects, I joined a writer’s group. I am so glad that I did, it’s fun. The people involved are so talented, it’s something that would never have occurred to me to do before I moved here. I didn’t join because of writing this blog, nor do I harbor a secret desire to write a novel, I joined because #1 daughter mentioned “the Griselda stories” that I used to tell my son and expressed a desire to have a copy of them to read to her daughters, especially NFN. To be honest, I don’t really remember the stories exactly, I remember the premise, a little witch who has seven sisters ...

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