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DIY verdigris

“What do you think? It’s verdigris.” “Looks like stuff I spent hours trying to get rid of when I was an apprentice.” “Good, that’s the look I was going for.” Husband and I don’t agree about verdigris. I love the patina, the idea of something ancient looking, the layers of character, and the colors. Husband just sees something that needs to be sanded and restored to pristine sparkle. The backyard bodega (storage shed) proved a little to damp for the NSF wire rack. It rusted and was on it’s way to a bad end. I replaced it with plastic shelving and attacked it with a wire brush. Then I got the brilliant idea of using copper color paint instead of bright silver. If I had used spray paint, maybe it would have worked better. It didn’t occur to me to take pictures along the way. The first layer is Berel 100% Acrilico Esmalte Metálico in cobre (copper colored acrylic enamel) ...

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Success with photographing a painting!

Faire Brat Following Calypso and EricC’s advice I think I have the glare problem licked. Not glazing this portrait probably helped too. I learned quite a lot from this portrait. At one point, the lad resembled several faire brats of my acquaintance. I almost left it like that. I also had a problem blending flesh tones. Putty is not an attractive skin color, no matter how skillfully rendered the rest of the portrait is. The painting class is designed for us to finish a painting in one four hour session. I’ve realized that this format is a guideline, it’s okay for me to take longer. Faire Brat took much longer, I started it last week, worked on it for several hours between classes and finally finished it during this week’s class. Having our teacher point out things that were eluding me, helped so much. Saying that painting is a profound experience for me sounds pretentious. However it’s true. It is ...

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