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What do I cook all day?

With my renewed effort to get healthier, I bought chicken instead of pork at the supermarket. Husband is not really fond of chicken he says it tastes like cardboard at best. When I was pregnant with my first child all you had to do was say the word “chicken” and I would loose my stomach contents, but that was (wow) 30 years ago, so I think I am over it. That child, by the way, makes the most awesome fried chicken ever. One day she wanted fried chicken so I bought her chicken parts and handed her the cookbook and said have fun! My kids learned how to cook at an early age. The girls learned in 4-H and Son learned from us plus he attended a cooking school for a couple of semesters. He can read a recipe in English and Spanish! The secret to really good fried chicken is to soak it in milk before battering and resisting ...

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