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dealing with the noise

I remember a conversation that Husband and I had with some friends when we first moved here. These people are from New York City and we,as you know used to live in a suburban city and prior to that in a cabin in the forest. One of us had complained about the tremendous amount of noise here. Our friend looked incredulously at us and stated “I don’t understand what you mean. It quiets down at night.”. Wow, they came from place where it is never quiet, not even in the wee hours of the evening. It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it? Husband tells the story of when he first moved back to town. He had been living in the boonies and moved to a house on a third of an acre in a small town. He would hear people in the next door neighbor’s yard and think they were in the house. When we lived in the canyon, ...

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Free Music

I am sitting at my computer with all the doors and windows closed, listening to the music from the Beer Store across the street. I don’t know what gets into Luis, but he will just crank up the stereo sometimes, this bout started just around mid Month, we’re hoping it will stop soon, or we will need to have words. It isn’t that his music is bad, his stereo is actually pretty good too, it’s that I don’t always want to listen to it. When we were having the front of our house redone we toyed with the idea of having solid glass windows put on our house, in front of the wooden ones. It looks awful unless done well, and to do it well requires money. Also the most noise resistant is permanently shut plate glass, which means no breeze. The fixed glass also looks better than having sliders of some sort or another. Mèrida is pretty noisy, I ...

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