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Husband and I are doing well in our new roles as pedestrians. Yesterday, we walked to MELL together. Actually, he walked to his Spanish class but MELL is on the way. It was a perfect morning for it. Everything was cool and crisp, there was evidence of rain and it looked like it might rain again.After hanging out at MELL reading magazines I went to meet Husband, stopping at the Repostería on the way. The repostería sells things to make postres (desserts). I inquired about pectin, they didn’t have any, but the shop girl actually offered up an alternative, guar gum, explaining that it’s what is used in jellies and marmalade here. I bought some with the intention of doing research on the web before I actually used it.I didn’t find a recipe online for jelly but I did find one for making gluten free bread using the guar gum, you use half a teaspoon per cup of non-gluten flour. ...

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Condiment update

Actually, that probably doesn’t make any sense to most of you. Mr Dog’s true name is a condiment, and the cat is named Sugar. We didn’t realize that what were doing when we picked the names. I guess there is a precedent for this because when middle child was showing goats, her goats were all spices and herbs, the herd name was Spice Hill Goats, so they had names like Nutmeg of Spice Hill.Today, we took Mr Dog to the Vet’s for a recheck, his ear is better but he needs to go back in 5 days. Sugar went for a check up, (if you are squeamish you may want to stop reading here and read this instead. What do I cook all day? ) she has a prolapsed rectum and a hernia. The vet who spayed her was supposed to have fixed the prolapse and she developed the hernia after the spaying. The hernia doesn’t hurt her, and we ...

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Searching, searching…

Wow, it just occurred to me that I have been blogging for more than a year. My first post was on October 22, 2007 and here it is almost November! I started tracking traffic on November 2nd so I don’t really have a year of statistics but I have had24,311 visits to my blog since then, 8,157 absolute unique visitors and 66.52% are returning visitors! Yeah, that means a good amount of people who wander upon this blog come back for another visit. Now I realize that I have a large family, but even my family isn’t that big.One thing that is funny, at least to me, is that a large amount of people find my blog because they are searching for information on Albrook Mall in Panama. Isn’t the internet odd? The most common search is for information on Mérida but I did like the one that was searching for “what do toucans do all day?”. Then there was ...

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Mr Dog in Mexico

I took a few photos of Mr Dog, he isn’t used to posing for them. I seldom have my camera with me when there are good shots so here are the best two. You can see his spotted tongue in the jumping photo. Mr Dog is a superstar here in our neighborhood. Little children see him and get awestruck, they think that he looks like a giant pelucho (a pelucho is a stuffed animal). They are really thrilled because he has such soft and woolly hair nothing like the dogs here. When his hair is long he resembles nothing more than a Old English Sheepdog, not a common breed, especially here. His popularity is such that the first things out of my mouth to his adult admirer is that he is a mutt, is neutered (this is really important, dogs often get “borrowed” to use as studs), and not only is epileptic but is highly allergic and eats special expensive ...

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Picture perfect

I paid $200 mxp including tip to have Mr Dog bathed and clipped at our house! Mr Dog hates water,bathes and being groomed. I have been bathing him lately, it’s easier if I do it, I can take a long time and be very patient with him. However my clipping skills aren’t what they should be, and I don’t want to try to import some high end clippers.Since one picture is worth a thousand words, here is a photo story. Here is the groommobile, you can’t see it in the photo but there is an ac unit on top. Another view of the groom mobile. Mr Dog is inside. See the AC unit?Mr Dog is pleading with us….. Mr Dog leaves in disgust.

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I was so much brighter then.

They say that your title should grab people’s attention and also announce what it is you are going to say. How am I doing? When I was young I was so much more clever and sophisticated, or at least I thought I was. Why is it that the more you know, the more you realize how much more there is left to learn? For example, I used to think that I was bi-lingual, then I moved to Mexico. Now after four years I am feeling bilingual again. The other day in exercise class I realized that I was listening to two different languages simultaneously and not getting confused. Of course, I wasn’t speaking,just listening. Those UN simultaneous translators have my awestruck admiration, how do they do it? I think that I am getting a handle on living here, we have our routines and habits that work for us down. Unfortunately,the other day I realized that I never did return to ...

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Where’s the kitty?

I feel like a character in a children’s book.Whenever I go into the guest room to feed or pet Sugar I have to go through the same routine. Where’s the kitty? Is she on the guest bed? (Normally I am not one of those crazy people who put plastic on the furniture. I decided to be cautious since I had no idea what Sugar would do since she is basically still a feral cat). Is the kitty in her bed? No, maybe the kitty is in the cardboard box? Sometimes the kitty is under the bed, but not this time. This time the kitty is on the bedside lamp table! Sugar is improving, she is tiny for her age. Dr Pablo assures me that she will be all well in about 15 days (two weeks to those of you that are nob, a week in Mexico has 8 days and two weeks has 15 days). She is now meowing when ...

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Feels like May

Here it is September and it feels like April or May. In case you are NOB (north of the border) April and May are the hottest and muggiest months. Usually we can count on the rainy season to start in July and by now we should be having a daily deluge in the late afternoon cooling everything down and smelling like fabric softener. I keep saying that Gustav stole our rain, and maybe I am correct.Well, all this heat and humidity has been making me sluggish and maybe a little boring. Even the eleven headless bodies that they found in Chichi Suarez (a suburb of Mérida) couldn’t inspire me to blog. If a name like Chichi Suarez can’t inspire me, what can? When I saw the name on the map, I thought wouldn’t that look cool,then my address could be Theresa in MéridaCalle 3 #1 entre 2y4 Col. Chichi Suarez97000, Mérida, YucatánMéxico Now doesn’t that look exotic? Much better than ...

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Sugar is sweet

I called the vet this afternoon for a kitty update. First off, Chuey is a girl so I am thinking on a new name, Dr Pablo suggested Botana, jajajaja, I think not. Mr. Dog is not on board with the whole cat thing, so I think Botana (Snack) doesn’t set the mood I want. I have been asking Husband, what about Chimi? do you like Shadow?, hey, what about Che? For right now,I am thinking Sugar, it’s even almost pronouncable if you speak Spanish, I am assuming it would come out Chugar.Dr Pablo is returning Sugar on Saturday, she is getting better. Apparently, there were a whole passle of parasites that passed out of her and she is mending.I asked Dr Pablo how much I could expect to pay when she came back. I mean we are talking, pick up and delivery by the vet, antibiotics and anti-parasitics, and 3 nights at the clinic, I wanted to know if I ...

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Here comes Gustav!

Amazing the accuweather has us all sunny and warm for the next few days but tropical storm Gustav got upgraded to a hurricane and is headed in our general direction! Right now, it looks like it will not hit us but just provide us with some rain. Of course, that can change at any time.We might have a cat, last night I spotted a black and white tuxedo kitten in the terraza. He was heading for the bag of dog food. I left some out for him, and he came back and ate it.I have no idea how a kitten, who looks to be about 3 months old, ended up in our yard. We have 9 foot walls all around. So last night I hung out on the terraza and watched kitty, he would come eat a little, see me move and dash off again. Then when I wasn’t looking,I heard a splash! Kitty, who I am now calling Chuey ...

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